May 25, 2010

And so it begins...

I am graduating on Friday from my Master's program in German from the University of Delaware. After many long years my career as a student has come to the end. So have the late night and cram sessions and the constant stress (hopefully!).

Fortunately this new era which is beginning will be marked by one significant thing... MORE TIME! And I plan to spend that time with my husband and dog, reading, and doing something I haven't had much time for in a long time.... CRAFTS!
To ring in this new era my wonderful mother bought me this beautiful machine as my graduation present. What better way to start a new phase in my life than with a sewing machine?!

Expect lots of ideas about skirts, ruffle shirts, and above all... quilting! Hurrah for the sewing era, hurrah for crafts and most of all hurrah for awesome mom's who share wonderful skills and traditions.