December 31, 2010

Some rambly reflections with some goals at the end

As 2010 winds up I feel a little bi-polar relfecting back upon the year.
The first half of the year was spent finishing my final semester in my MA German Literature program and preparing for my written and oral exams covering basically all of German literature from the middle ages to modern times --- YIKES! At the end of May I graduated with honors and put that all behind me and set out into the real world.

... and wow its a scary place! haha. Fortunately my mom gave me a sewing machine - Singer Confidence Quilter - as my graduation present and my new obsession/hobby  started...FABRIC! QUILTING! SEWING! YAY!!!!

Along with that start also came the start to my new life... a normal adult at a 9-5 desk job that has nothing to do with what I studied. In this recession Im so grateful to have a job, and a steady one at that. The great thing about my job is that I get to see my husband every day for little breaks here and there just to say hi - since we work in the same office. Not sure how long I will be able to enjoy that benefit but I will enjoy it while I can!
So ... 6 months into this new life after graduation I guess I can't complain too much. I have become a great fabric hoarder and an amateur quilter. I jumped into the hobby with both feet and fortunately did not get sick of it after only a month into it.

As far as my sewing accomplishments in the last 6 months I can count:

3 finished blankets
1 top that needs quilted
1 baby quilt that needs bound
1 mug rug
4 placemats
4 pillow covers
4 coasters
1 ugly doll copy
and 1 pair of pajama pants that are actually long enough for me - the giraffe! yay!

... and an assorment of practice and partially started projects

Not bad for my first 6 months ... now for some goals for the next 6 (I like half year goals, makes it less daunting and gives you some time to readjust in the middle :)):

  • Learn to applique
  • Learn to free motion quilt (the type that doesn't look like I puked stitches on the project)
  • Try paper piecing hexagons - even if just for a small project
  • Work on my "monster/creature" line of stuffies
  • Finish 1 quilt each month
  • Craft and document one non-quilting project each month to keep my love of crafts as diverse as it has always been
I am also working on the Children's Charity Quilt project (read more about it on my blog in an earlier post if interested) and I am sure that will keep me plenty busy.

So here's a friendly goodbye to 2010... you've been eventful to say the least. Hello 2011... please be good to me!

I won and boy is it a fabulous stack of stash!

I was in shock when I read on Pink Fig Design that "Tiffany comment #8" wont the FQ bundle of her fabric line "Miss Modd". I counted down and saw that HEY... it was ME!! :) I waited in anticipation a whole week waiting to get an email from her announcing that I had won and requesting my address. I was getting kind of sad/nervous when she never wrote, started thinking maybe it was another Tiffany who had won and I had gotten excited over nothing! Then one day as I was browsing her site, I noticed FINALLY on that post that she had asked the winners to email HER! Oopppsss... hahaha.
 After much anticipation and waiting this lovely set of 19FQs from her beautiful fabric line showed up at my door - one of each print, what a win! I was so giddy last night when I unpacked these beauties after work! Not just excited to have won SOMETHING... but to have won THESE Fat Quarters!
 I am totally into stripes, flowers, abstract flowers, polka dots AND of course bright colors--- and this line has all that and more! Totally my style and totally made my day :) Great way to end 2010 with lots of new fabric to play with in 2011!

December 11, 2010

Holiday Eye Candy

I absolutely love looking at blogs this time of the year due to the mass amounts of holiday crafts everyone is displaying. Here is are a few of my favorite holiday projects from other bloggers:

 Adorable snow man wreath (left) and powder drink mix containers made in to cookie or treat holders (bottom right) from Sew Many Ways - check out her awesome blog for great tutorials for these and many more great holiday creations.

Mug rugs are all the craze in bloggy-land these days and I have to say I've been bitten by the bug as well. This is one of the neatest ideas I have seen so far for a Holiday mug rug and definitely a pattern I plan on re-creating myself one day. Simply genius making a pocket for a letter to Santa or even cookies! Check out Pleasant Home

Stocking tutorials seem to be a favorite this month as well... I have seen some super cute ones but this one from A quilting life is by far my favorite. I have not tried Hexagons yet but this is so cute, it might just be enough to inspire me to try.

And last but not least, Crazy mom quilts has a pretty awesome pillow idea that I would love to try. This would be great for any season but I love the Christmas colors with all the white.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the eye candy and are inspired to get out and make some cute holiday deco yourselves. My Christmas "to-make" list is not getting smaller any faster while drooling at what everyone else is making so I guess its back to the sewing table for me!

Happy Holidays everyone! Good luck on all your projects but remember to take time to enjoy the process and the season!

December 7, 2010


That is basically what runs through my head each time I look at the pile of projects on my ironing board waiting for me to have a spare hour or even minute to work on them.

Christmas is fast approaching and while time is running out quickly, my many projects are coming together slowly. Would love to show you some of them but I will have to wait a few more weeks until they head to their final destinations. Can't risk them being seem by their soon-to-be owners and ruining the Christmas surprise!

For now... just grab your face, give a little scream, ... ahhhhhhhh.... and then get back to work! :-D 

December 3, 2010

Children's Charity Quilt Project

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by to check out information about the "Children's Charity Quilt Project".

Youth sunday school groups across the state of Delaware have teamed up to motivate the children to read their scriptures daily and combine this wonderful activity with a service project!

The challenge: Read in the scriptures for ten days straight

The reward: A quilt block for every 10 days of reading tracked and a celebration in October to show off the fruits of their hard work.

Each child will have the opportunity to earn up to 3 quilt blocks a month from Jan-Sept. At the end of this time all of the quilt blocks, collected by the entire Sunday School group at each church, will be made into beautiful quilts which will be displayed at the October celebration and then donated to various charities for children and adults to enjoy.

How can you help?:
Our group consists of 45 wonderful and motivated children. They are excited to read and earn their quilt blocks but we are rather limited right now with our supply of fabrics and any donations of cotton quilting fabric would be greatly appreciated by myself (the main quilter of this project for our group) and our Sunday school group.

If you are interested in donating to this great cause and helping me to reward our wonderful children for their efforts and bless some local charities, please email me at:

Thank you for your time and consideration of this project! And a VERY warm and special thank you goes out to those wonderful bloggers who have been kind enough to share this information with their dedicated readers. I appreciate your support and assistance in this service project!

December 1, 2010

Far far away 2 - aka my love affair with Heather Ross

 I just got the best surprise in the mail today! Ok, I guess it is not a surprise if I ordered it myself... but I was still surprised it came so fast!

These are 2 of the plum variations of Heather Ross´ line Far Far Away 2. The cat and the owl, and sleeping beauty. In the picture below is also rappunzel.

I think only my friend Gina (who actually pointed this line out to me I might add!!) can understand the long drawn out love affair/ online stalking affair I have been having with this fabric. My collection is now most likely complete even tho I would love to have the entire set but alas, I have to curb my addiction a LITTLE, haha.
Check out to view the entire line in all its glory. Be careful tho, its addicting, hard to find, and rather pricey which is a lethal combination!

After all of the Christmas presents are done I will have to see what amazing project I can come up with for these beautiful fabrics. I can't just leave them sitting in my stash being pretty, it would be a shame and a waste for sure! ... Fellow crafters, any ideas??

November 27, 2010

New Camera thanks to Black Friday deals, woo hoo!

Thanks to a great Black Friday deal at Best Buy which only required us to stand in the rain at 5am for about 20 min... we have a new camera! Its the Canon Powershot SX130. It is larger than some compact cameras but it has an awesome zoom function and takes great pictures so far so I am super happy with it!

 Soooo happy to have a new camera for documenting all of my crafting projects. Also glad to have one that seems to do well without flash, in lowlight settings, and has a faster shutter speed than 1 picture per minute which our last one was averaging before it died haha.

Ofcourse the easiest victim for trying out a new camera is the family dog... so here are some shots of Winston`s photo shoot. I think he is a natural model :)

Thanksgiving coasters and a full belly :)

My mom recently furnished her finished basement and decided we needed some mug rugs down there. I immediately started creating these super cute coasters for her with the hopes of getting them completed by Thanksgiving. Unfortunately I was still hand sewing the binding on 2 during Thanksgiving and the other 2 the day after but hey, its the thought that counts right? Heading back over to spend the day with her and my dad tomorrow and will deliver the rest of the set to its new home. Yay for holidays, family, and a little crafting time in between stuffing my face full of yummy goodness :)

November 13, 2010

A mug rug and some holiday cheer!

I admit it, I have given into the mug rug craze that has been rampant in blogger-land lately. They are just so cute and only took me about 2 hours to create, sew, quilt and bind! The problem is, the cuteness keeps it from being functional! Seriously... could you put your hot choc mug and cookies on this and not feel bad about the stains? I know I cant! I figure the best thing to do is gift it... that way it will go to a good home, can be useful, and I wont have to see the stains!
 Also had some time to work on the Christmas pillows I planned earlier this year using Modas Crazy 8 line of Turnovers (pre-cut triangles).

1 pack will make about 2.5 of these pillows so I purchased 2 and am making matching pillow sets for myself and my mom. Mine is pictured here... a bit crazy with the colors but I love it. My mom will be receiving a more traditional looking set. This one is ready to go, just need to get some backing fabric, attach it, and stuff the pillow into it. Sad that the pretty quilting from the back wont be shown but at least it worked out super cute on the front too.

Yay for my first Christmas project... 10 million more to go!

Almost there...

 I finally have been able to spend some time working on my soiree blanket mentioned a few posts below. After A LOT of sewing and cutting of 3 honey buns (120 1.5x45 inch strips to be exact!) I finally have gotten to this point. All of the rows are sewn, just need to sew them all together and voila, the top is finished! Will have to find some backing fabric soon and get this beauty quilted, bound, and ready for snuggling! This will be the first quilt I am making for myself and I am super excited to snuggle it upon completion :)

I always use my bed as a place to layout my blankets but it is frustrating going down the hall to get more squares when I am sewing in the dining room. So after a stroke of genius this afternoon, I sew up a litle sewing area in my bedroom. Yes, that is a bookshelf, emptied of all its contents hurriedly into a bucket haha. Im sure I will have to deal with that mess later but for now I will enjoy my little sewing area and get back to work!

Monster attack!

Thanks to my good friend Gina loaning me her camera, I can finally get a few new posts up, yay!

Something I have been dying to show you all is my "ugly doll". I made this a few months ago by tracing around the black "secret mission ice bat" ugly doll I had purchased earlier in the year. Out of some blue velvet scraps I had I made this cute little guy. Totally cracked me up later to realize that he perfectly matched my favorite Shark from Ikea :)

In October on the way to Indiana we stopped to see my good friend Carla and she suprised us with 2 fun ugly dolls to add to my collection. The green one was for Lukas but we all knew it would become mine as soon as we got home :)

These cute little guys have inspired me to make a whole crazy line of monsters, to be designed and created after the holidays. Stay tuned for more monster madness!
***UPDATE: Just as an FYI so no one thinks Im a big poser, the only monster I made is the open mouthed little blue guy in the front. The other 3 are actual "Ugly Dolls" bought from a store. And YES I did trace one of the ugly dolls for my pattern :)

November 9, 2010

Waiting impatiently for Black Friday...

I have a lot of fun new projects I have finished and/or am working on lately but unfortunately our camera died! The good news is, Black Friday is coming up quick so hopefully we will be able to find a good deal between now and then and I can share all my fun new creations with my bloggy friends (if anyone is out there reading this? haha)

Until then please hang in there and dont forget about this crafty little fox :)

October 17, 2010

A soiree to remember!

I found this little scrap bundle at the Etsy site of one of the bloggers that I follow. She was unloading some of her stash and I thought hrmmm... a $2 bundle of scraps... why not? It might have been silly at the time but in the end it turned out to be an AWESOME idea :) And I will tell you why...
I was not paying much attention when to the title and had no clue what line these fabrics were from. After receiving them and absolutely loving them, I realized they were from the Moda Soiree line. Check it out here... so cute!
However after some research I found out that this line was discontinued... so sad! After lots and lots of searching however I was able to find 2 honey buns (40 strip bundles of 1.5x44 inch pre-cut fabric) and then I found this awesome pattern here. I decided to do a larger version with 2 honey buns but it will look something like this (with the Soiree line of fabric ofcourse) when it is done.

Right now its just a pile of strips sewn in sets of 2 but eventually I will make some progress on it and have more pictures to show. Unfortunately I do have to work full-time and can't play full-time... no fair :-p

October 16, 2010

And a work in progress...

I found this Frolic by Moda panel online and thought it was soooo cute! Love the colors and the owl and basically everything about it :) So far this is just a quick layout of what I want to do with my triangles and the panel. Will keep you updated if I ever get back to this at some point this year. I have enough fabric and ideas for about 20 blankets so far so who knows what I will work on now that those other 2 are done :)

Singer is a fighter... watch out flannel!

On top of the other 2 quilts I completed for my friends, this 3rd one was in progress to get finished and delivered last weekend but had a fight with the sewing machine and lost. I tried to add some super cute flannel to the back and apparently my sewing machine eats flannel. I have since learned to use tissue paper on the back in order to avoid that problem but unfortunately that lesson was learned too late.

I will get pictures of the finished product (no flannel this time!) up soon... I was a good quilter and was able to salvage it in the end. It had a couple small holes in it from another fight with the seam ripper after the sewing machine attacked it so I could not convince myself to gift it but that is ok. It will be just fine for our kids some day and is still super cute :) Fortunately I still have time to make another one for that particular friend's baby so no sweat there. Would have been nice to give it to her in person but hey, we can't have everything I suppose.

Other than the sewing machine attack... I also realized the benefit of using quality fabric (ie that white was rather cheap and see through)... as well as the point of cutting off the selvage! Ooopss... haha. This was my first "non-practice" quilt I pieced and tried to quilt tho so hey, good lessons learned and a baby can still one day crawl and puke on this to its heart's content, haha.

First finished quilt and another happy friend yay!

Before I completed my Disappearing Ninepatch, I had another friend coming into town for a whole 24 hours, (woo hoo!) and wanted to get her quilt done to send back to Alaska with her. I have not seen her since my wedding 3 years ago so it was a really awesome visit regardless of being so incredibly short!

I used a great binding tutorial which can be found here and step by step I was able to make my first binding roll AND successfully get it attached! I realize this is no big deal for seasoned quilters but I was soooo excited to make this!

I had the finished quilt folded up all cute on her bed when we got back and as she was checking it out I let her know that it was hers. She was super surprised and seemed to like it a lot which made me super happy. It was another one of those instances where as I was making it, it reminded me of her and sealed its fate :)
Pretty successful in my opinion for my first finished quilt EVER and a great addition to a short but wonderful visit with another of my best friends!