December 31, 2010

Some rambly reflections with some goals at the end

As 2010 winds up I feel a little bi-polar relfecting back upon the year.
The first half of the year was spent finishing my final semester in my MA German Literature program and preparing for my written and oral exams covering basically all of German literature from the middle ages to modern times --- YIKES! At the end of May I graduated with honors and put that all behind me and set out into the real world.

... and wow its a scary place! haha. Fortunately my mom gave me a sewing machine - Singer Confidence Quilter - as my graduation present and my new obsession/hobby  started...FABRIC! QUILTING! SEWING! YAY!!!!

Along with that start also came the start to my new life... a normal adult at a 9-5 desk job that has nothing to do with what I studied. In this recession Im so grateful to have a job, and a steady one at that. The great thing about my job is that I get to see my husband every day for little breaks here and there just to say hi - since we work in the same office. Not sure how long I will be able to enjoy that benefit but I will enjoy it while I can!
So ... 6 months into this new life after graduation I guess I can't complain too much. I have become a great fabric hoarder and an amateur quilter. I jumped into the hobby with both feet and fortunately did not get sick of it after only a month into it.

As far as my sewing accomplishments in the last 6 months I can count:

3 finished blankets
1 top that needs quilted
1 baby quilt that needs bound
1 mug rug
4 placemats
4 pillow covers
4 coasters
1 ugly doll copy
and 1 pair of pajama pants that are actually long enough for me - the giraffe! yay!

... and an assorment of practice and partially started projects

Not bad for my first 6 months ... now for some goals for the next 6 (I like half year goals, makes it less daunting and gives you some time to readjust in the middle :)):

  • Learn to applique
  • Learn to free motion quilt (the type that doesn't look like I puked stitches on the project)
  • Try paper piecing hexagons - even if just for a small project
  • Work on my "monster/creature" line of stuffies
  • Finish 1 quilt each month
  • Craft and document one non-quilting project each month to keep my love of crafts as diverse as it has always been
I am also working on the Children's Charity Quilt project (read more about it on my blog in an earlier post if interested) and I am sure that will keep me plenty busy.

So here's a friendly goodbye to 2010... you've been eventful to say the least. Hello 2011... please be good to me!

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Toni said...

Happy New Year and Good luck with all your goals, Toni