Mayhem In Paradise 2013 ~ A Sewing Retreat

Mayhem in Paradise

What: The first annual "Mayhem in Paradise" Sewing Retreat

Where:   Amish Paradise              Paradise, PA

When: September 5 - 8, 2013

Who: 2013 Participants Are:

Host: Tiffany ~ aka me - This Crafty Fox :)

Julie - Jolie Maxtin
January -Sew Sew Go
Gina - Millie Motts

And last but not least, let's give a big THANK YOU to our 2013 Sponsors:

The "Mayhem in Paradise" sewing retreat was an idea hatched by a group of friends from Sewing Summit 2012. While we all enjoyed the conference, classes, and the opportunity to meet hundreds of bloggers and crafters, we also felt the desire for more sewing and socializing on a smaller scale.

While this first year's participant list is limited to a select group of blogger friends, we hope to continue the tradition in the coming years and maybe even expand our numbers in the future.

**Less than 2 weeks to the retreat and we are super excited! The sponsor giveaway prizes and gift bags are coming together nicely and I can't wait to share pictures of the whole experience once we get back :)**


Lyanna said...

Love this, and your new header is AMAZING! I need to take some more photos and update my blog. You rock.

janice said...

I went to Sewing Summit last year and thought the same thing! A friend and I are also hosting a retreat two weeks after yours. Hope it goes well!