May 26, 2013

The drunkard continues on! :)

A mini drunkard's path pillow with leftovers from my PTS10 pillow ~ absolutely keeping this one! 
I've decided I really like circle quilting too!

Finished package ready to go!

I finished up a pouch and a quilt card for my partner this week so the lovely little package is all ready to go out in the mail next week.

Feels good to be done ahead of schedule and I'm sooooooooooooo excited to see what I'll receive from this swap in the new few weeks! June 3rd is the official mailing deadline so I'll have to patient a little longer... *sigh*

Now I have 1 month to work on my "Swappers Anonymous" items for Diane and Marika, woo hoo! This is going to be a fun "friend swap" with these wonderfully talented ladies! It is funny that in honor of the fact that we all sign up for WAY too many swaps, we decided to do our own little swap... counter productive but still awesome, hehe.

May 22, 2013

Bee Blocks ~ I'm on a roll!

I was so productive a couple weekends ago... just not productive enough to finish this blog post haha.

My Bee group is making Flags for Boston this month ~ here are the 2 I sent over for the exhibit this coming Memorial Day:

To read more about this exhibit in Boston, go here.

I'm also helping with another special project and made these fun blocks for it:

This was a fun non-stressful bee block month. It is nice being done early ~ I already have some ideas for my June blocks and then I will be done done DONE with Bees! While I've loved all that I've participated in, I am definitely ready for a break from Bees and hopefully getting a few of my own quilts done the rest of this year!

Stay tuned for June x & + blocks! :)

Drunkard's Path Pillow ~ PTS10

O man... this wants to stay on my couch and be snuggled!

My Pillow Talk Swap 10 pillow is ready to go ~ just need to put together some little extras and it will probably head out next week to my partner! I decided to use Madrona Road text for binding, I love the way it finished the pattern off. It is so hard to part with this one but I'm hoping my partner will love it as much as I do!

Feels good to be almost done with another swap. I need a break from swaps... lol, did you ever think I'd say that? Seriously tho... there are so many "I want to make this" or "I need to finish this" projects sitting around my sewing room. June is the time to get to those... I hope ;-)

May 5, 2013

PTS10 ~ Pieced & Ready for quilting!

After a nice long break (aka chores and sleeping) I felt ready to piece together my PTS10 pillow this morning. A friend commented that it reminds her of Moroccan Tiles and I really like that image and do agree, especially with the darker background it does have that feel to it.

I am pretty much loving this pillow top. My piecing isn't 100% but I got it as close as I could and I'm pretty pleased with the results of my first large curved project. My next task is to quilt it... I am going to follow this tutorial and try for concentric circles, scary! PTS is not for the weak of heart... I always like to try something new and a little challenging each round so I'm going to give that quilting a try and hope it works out well!

Now I have a dog to walk, some chores to do, and a few bee blocks to make for this month... as well as a few small Mother's Day presents to finish up. Busy busy... hope you have a lovely day everyone!

May 4, 2013

Pillow Talk Swap ~ Round 10

Another Swap?! I know I know... I am ridiculous this year but seriously... I am sooooooooo sad everytime I've had to pass up a round of this swap and don't miss it if I can help it! The sewers in this group are so incredibly talented... I am so inspired by the projects everyone makes and always receive gorgeous pillow covers in each and every round!

Although my friend and I were talking about how we needed to stay out of swaps because we've done so many this year, probably half of which because we egged eachother on lol, we agreed this one could not be passed up :)

I started off with this fabric pick for my partner ~ she likes color and these all seemed pretty cheery to me:

Not everyone loved my selections but my partner seemed to be interested in them so I decided to keep going once I received my background fabric. I am thinking of some type of drunkard's path variation, haven't decided 100% yet what direction I am going in but this is what I have so far:

I love the brights with the darker cross hatch background and really like how this is coming together so far. Waiting for my partner to comment to see if I should keep going ... but I may continue anyway because even if she doesn't like it, I want to finish this and keep it for myself! :)

I am trying to not just choose something directly from her mosaic, but be instead inspired by the colors, fabrics, and shapes she has chosen and make her something unique and especially made just for her. I have plenty of time to start over but I am hoping I am not off track with this because I think it is really fun ... but in the end I want to make her something she adores so I'm fine starting over if needs be. We shall see!

Until then... I have a very empty evening ahead of me and lots of sewing to do ...... so I should get on that ... or go take a nap... both very tempting options haha.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday! The sun is shining here and I'm having a much needed wonderfully relaxing day after a super long week at work ~ thank goodness!

Modern She Made Round 3 ~ Finished & So happy! :)

My Modern She Made partner received her mini-quilt and needle book this week ~ she seemed really happy with her package which always makes me glad to hear. I tried to make something she would love and put a lot of time and energy into this package, so I was glad to hear she was excited that it came to her! Always feels good to hear that your partner specifically hoped to receive what you sent them :)

I am always nervous and excited for my partner to receive their package and I was glad it made it to her so quickly. The next fun part is wondering what I will receive from the swap and stalking packages through the "sent & received" discussion feed :)

I have to say, there was a beautiful mini-quilt from Lori H. in the photo feed that I was in love with from the first sketch and fabric picture she posted. I didn't think I would be lucky enough to get something from her because she is so amazing but I kept stalking the package anyway :) She mailed on Wednesday so I told myself if I got a package today or Monday maybe it could be from her! There were some other things in the feed I thought maybe could be for me and would have been really happy with  ~ but I was holding out hope I would get Lori's mini. 

Well... I came home to a package today after going out to lunch from a friend and guess who's name was on it! That is right... I got this beautiful mini-quilt from Lori ~ posting her picture because it is way better than mine lol:

MSMS - Round 3 Finished!

Isn't it beautiful? I've been wanting something in a pattern like this ever since my friend Marika made a kaleidoscope pillow last year. When I saw this in the feed I hoped beyond hope it would be for me and now I am the proud owner of this beautiful quilt!!

She also sent me a bunch of thoughtful and awesome goodies with this quilt, as if I needed anything else! Check out that awesome keychain, fabric, ribbon, thread, and even a handmade monster! I am so spoiled and could not be happier with this entire swap experience ~ I had an awesome partner to make something for and had an amazing woman make something especially for me! A++ to round 3 of Modern She Made :)

Aside from the Pillow Talk Swap, Modern She Made has been one of the only swaps I've participated in that I've want to continue in round after round. I'm selfishly hoping that they will wait a few months for round 4 so that I will have time to participate since I'm pretty booked up for the next few months and REALLY need to take some time off of swapping after all my other projects are done in June! 

 The organizers are great, they do a wonderful job keeping everyone informed and upbeat, and I've enjoyed ever partner I've had & received beautiful creations from those who've gotten me as a partner. They also keep it interesting by incorporating a new shape each round that has to show up in our piecing, quilting, etc. The first round was a circle, the second round was a triangle, and this round was a star. 
Love it and hope to have many more happy rounds ahead of me in the future!