May 22, 2013

Drunkard's Path Pillow ~ PTS10

O man... this wants to stay on my couch and be snuggled!

My Pillow Talk Swap 10 pillow is ready to go ~ just need to put together some little extras and it will probably head out next week to my partner! I decided to use Madrona Road text for binding, I love the way it finished the pattern off. It is so hard to part with this one but I'm hoping my partner will love it as much as I do!

Feels good to be almost done with another swap. I need a break from swaps... lol, did you ever think I'd say that? Seriously tho... there are so many "I want to make this" or "I need to finish this" projects sitting around my sewing room. June is the time to get to those... I hope ;-)


JanuaryT said...

Oh my goodness Tiffany it's beautiful!!! It would be hard to part with it. Your partner is going to LOVE it!!!! I'm so excited for our retreat in September!!! My hope is to also get a lot of WIPs done before I leave - will see ;)

Julie said...

your pillow is gorgeous!! Happy Memorial Day weekend!