May 5, 2013

PTS10 ~ Pieced & Ready for quilting!

After a nice long break (aka chores and sleeping) I felt ready to piece together my PTS10 pillow this morning. A friend commented that it reminds her of Moroccan Tiles and I really like that image and do agree, especially with the darker background it does have that feel to it.

I am pretty much loving this pillow top. My piecing isn't 100% but I got it as close as I could and I'm pretty pleased with the results of my first large curved project. My next task is to quilt it... I am going to follow this tutorial and try for concentric circles, scary! PTS is not for the weak of heart... I always like to try something new and a little challenging each round so I'm going to give that quilting a try and hope it works out well!

Now I have a dog to walk, some chores to do, and a few bee blocks to make for this month... as well as a few small Mother's Day presents to finish up. Busy busy... hope you have a lovely day everyone!


Nilya said...

come to me baby ;-)

snips said...

This is just gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished pillow!