May 4, 2013

Modern She Made Round 3 ~ Finished & So happy! :)

My Modern She Made partner received her mini-quilt and needle book this week ~ she seemed really happy with her package which always makes me glad to hear. I tried to make something she would love and put a lot of time and energy into this package, so I was glad to hear she was excited that it came to her! Always feels good to hear that your partner specifically hoped to receive what you sent them :)

I am always nervous and excited for my partner to receive their package and I was glad it made it to her so quickly. The next fun part is wondering what I will receive from the swap and stalking packages through the "sent & received" discussion feed :)

I have to say, there was a beautiful mini-quilt from Lori H. in the photo feed that I was in love with from the first sketch and fabric picture she posted. I didn't think I would be lucky enough to get something from her because she is so amazing but I kept stalking the package anyway :) She mailed on Wednesday so I told myself if I got a package today or Monday maybe it could be from her! There were some other things in the feed I thought maybe could be for me and would have been really happy with  ~ but I was holding out hope I would get Lori's mini. 

Well... I came home to a package today after going out to lunch from a friend and guess who's name was on it! That is right... I got this beautiful mini-quilt from Lori ~ posting her picture because it is way better than mine lol:

MSMS - Round 3 Finished!

Isn't it beautiful? I've been wanting something in a pattern like this ever since my friend Marika made a kaleidoscope pillow last year. When I saw this in the feed I hoped beyond hope it would be for me and now I am the proud owner of this beautiful quilt!!

She also sent me a bunch of thoughtful and awesome goodies with this quilt, as if I needed anything else! Check out that awesome keychain, fabric, ribbon, thread, and even a handmade monster! I am so spoiled and could not be happier with this entire swap experience ~ I had an awesome partner to make something for and had an amazing woman make something especially for me! A++ to round 3 of Modern She Made :)

Aside from the Pillow Talk Swap, Modern She Made has been one of the only swaps I've participated in that I've want to continue in round after round. I'm selfishly hoping that they will wait a few months for round 4 so that I will have time to participate since I'm pretty booked up for the next few months and REALLY need to take some time off of swapping after all my other projects are done in June! 

 The organizers are great, they do a wonderful job keeping everyone informed and upbeat, and I've enjoyed ever partner I've had & received beautiful creations from those who've gotten me as a partner. They also keep it interesting by incorporating a new shape each round that has to show up in our piecing, quilting, etc. The first round was a circle, the second round was a triangle, and this round was a star. 
Love it and hope to have many more happy rounds ahead of me in the future! 

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Jen said...

Thanks again for my awesome mini! I agree, this is a great swap. Looks like you lucked out too!