November 27, 2011

4 x 5 Bee on Flikr

Hope everyone in the USA had a good Thanksgiving! Minimal family drama, good food, and good Black Friday shopping deals... can't complain here!

The postman was nice to me yesterday too - I received this block for my flikr 4 x 5 Bee and it is AWESOME! It came all the way from Australia from one of my great group mates.

4x5 Modern Quilt Bee

Isn't it great?? I am obsessed with that Mendocino line from Heather Ross and am so excited to now have a block for my quilt featuring this lovely fabric. It goes well with my 2 mermaid pillows I posted a few weeks ago.

I was able to spend a little time sewing today and got these 2 blocks completed for my 4 x 5 Bee group. I wish I had been smart and only signed up for 1 bee this quarter but alas... these are only 2 out of 11 that need completed by Jan. 15. With me being gone for 11 days in Germany for Christmas/New Years I need to get crackin'!

4 x 5 Bee - for Wendydi1

4 x 5 Bee - for Life's Rich Pattern

I really like this flying geese pattern - it showcases pretty fabrics well and works great with my Flikr Bees since most people choose 3 colors and a neutral background color. It is pretty easy to put together but looks fancy, which is always a plus. Hopefully I will have more time this week to make a few more... stay tuned!

Oooo... and just a fun little piece of information to share with you: Accuquilt FINALLY mailed out my Go! Baby cutter! Yea, the one I won at the end of September... it has been awhile. The girl who did the giveaway has been awesome tho and finally got through to them and it is on its way to my house right now ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Hopefully by Wednesday it will be here and I can't wait to play with it and tell you all about it!

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November 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday - FINALLY!

Wow, I am so behind with blogging! I have just been so busy lately but at least this time I have lots of fun things to show you so get ready for a long ramble and some not so great photos:

WIP Wednesday Review:

#1: Saavy Seasons Swap

I can't remember if I already admitted this to you, my  bloggy followers, but I signed up for another swap haha. I know I know, I am an idiot. I wish I would not have because I am running out of time on other projects that are more important but o well... at least I am almost done!

Here is the pillow cover I made my partner because everyone thought it was a cuter pillow than square table runner:

Saavy Seasons Swap

And here is the start of the matching potholders because she wanted something for the kitchen originally - just need to finish the binding this weekend and I will be DONE:

Saavy Seasons Swap

#2: I have been playing with applique lately and here is what I have created so far:

2 Winter Hoop Ornaments - although I still have no idea how to finish them off in the back - so if you know please share! (Sorry for the blurry pictures... will replace them with better ones when I have time)

First applique hoop
Blue Bear for Lukas - might embroider our names on them

Second Applique hoop
Orange bear for me - she just did not want to wear pink :)

#3: Continuing on my applique fun - I made a "Christmas Bat" pillow for my mom - here is the start of that:

Christmas Bat

Christmas Bat Pillow

Long story on the "Christmas Bat" concept... mom will appreciate it tho for sure :)

#4: And last but not least, I finally made a Dresden!

My first dresden!

This was supposed to be folded in half and used as a kindle case for my mom but it was not quite wide enough. Not sure if I can fix it/add to it at this point but we shall see

#5: O yea, and I am ALMOST done with a baby blanket for my sister-in-law who had a baby towards the end of October. Hoping to get that finished this weekend and mailed out soon thereafter - will show pictures once that goes in the mail

We are heading to Germany for Christmas so I have 1 week less to complete Christmas presents than originally anticipated so I am super duper behind schedule. Hoping to get some things done in the next few weeks but don't expect a lot of pictures or updates because I have a feeling sneaky people will be browsing my blog to get a peek :) Will post lots of pics before we leave for Christmas vacation tho!

Until the next time - Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Good luck on your Winter/Holiday crafty projects and remember to enjoy the season!!

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November 4, 2011

Mendocino lovin' :)

I really hit the swap jackpot this month. There was an awesome pillow in the pillow talk swap that I wanted SO BAD and I REALLY thought it could be for me from the colors and the pattern. By the time she had mailed it tho I had convinced myself that it was not for me and decided to make myself a consolation pillow out of the only Heather Ross Mendocino scrap piece that I had - which happened to be the same she used for her pillow center. I made my borders the same as hers because I really liked the entire effect she came up with for her pillow..

Well lo and behold, that awesome pillow DID show up at my house! So now I will have 2 coordinating Mendocino pillows on my couch, yay! Meghan did an awesome job with this hexi pillow and I love all the fabrics she chose for me. Definitely the perfect pillow for me and my favorite from this swap - and boy were there a lot of awesome ones in this round!

Close-up of the center - love this print! And as you can see around it she even included some of the sea horse prints from this line and at the very bottom is also the school of fish print from this line that I totally love. *sigh* Definitely made my day yesterday to find it sitting on my doorstep :)

Here is my unfinished pillow top sitting next to her awesome pillow - just need to get some orange for the back so they both keep the same border/backing to coordinate so lovely on my couch. Mine is a wonky/crazy log cabin block - I def. like her hexagon log cabin better than mine but I will be happy to have both on my couch for a long long time.