November 23, 2011

WIP Wednesday - FINALLY!

Wow, I am so behind with blogging! I have just been so busy lately but at least this time I have lots of fun things to show you so get ready for a long ramble and some not so great photos:

WIP Wednesday Review:

#1: Saavy Seasons Swap

I can't remember if I already admitted this to you, my  bloggy followers, but I signed up for another swap haha. I know I know, I am an idiot. I wish I would not have because I am running out of time on other projects that are more important but o well... at least I am almost done!

Here is the pillow cover I made my partner because everyone thought it was a cuter pillow than square table runner:

Saavy Seasons Swap

And here is the start of the matching potholders because she wanted something for the kitchen originally - just need to finish the binding this weekend and I will be DONE:

Saavy Seasons Swap

#2: I have been playing with applique lately and here is what I have created so far:

2 Winter Hoop Ornaments - although I still have no idea how to finish them off in the back - so if you know please share! (Sorry for the blurry pictures... will replace them with better ones when I have time)

First applique hoop
Blue Bear for Lukas - might embroider our names on them

Second Applique hoop
Orange bear for me - she just did not want to wear pink :)

#3: Continuing on my applique fun - I made a "Christmas Bat" pillow for my mom - here is the start of that:

Christmas Bat

Christmas Bat Pillow

Long story on the "Christmas Bat" concept... mom will appreciate it tho for sure :)

#4: And last but not least, I finally made a Dresden!

My first dresden!

This was supposed to be folded in half and used as a kindle case for my mom but it was not quite wide enough. Not sure if I can fix it/add to it at this point but we shall see

#5: O yea, and I am ALMOST done with a baby blanket for my sister-in-law who had a baby towards the end of October. Hoping to get that finished this weekend and mailed out soon thereafter - will show pictures once that goes in the mail

We are heading to Germany for Christmas so I have 1 week less to complete Christmas presents than originally anticipated so I am super duper behind schedule. Hoping to get some things done in the next few weeks but don't expect a lot of pictures or updates because I have a feeling sneaky people will be browsing my blog to get a peek :) Will post lots of pics before we leave for Christmas vacation tho!

Until the next time - Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Good luck on your Winter/Holiday crafty projects and remember to enjoy the season!!

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KristyLou said...

Looks like you have been busy! I love those pot-holders.

Melinda said...

Love your Dresden. Don't know why but those still scare me!

Debbie said...

Love the pillow - that is darling!! And yay for going to Germany for Christmas!!

**nicke... said...

good job on the dresden! and christmas in germany! that sounds like so much fun!

Janine said...

you've been busy! I love your pillow and nearly pot holders and your dresden block:)

KOcanQuilt said...

I don't think I will ever get tired of that aqua and red combo. Your pillow and potholders are so pretty. Christmas bat? I bet there is a great story there.

Rebecca said...

Great pillow, excellent color choices!

Jenniffier said...

What wonderful pillows and the Dresden is amazing!

Mangogirl said...

You've been busy those look gorgeous :D I love the bat!