November 4, 2011

Mendocino lovin' :)

I really hit the swap jackpot this month. There was an awesome pillow in the pillow talk swap that I wanted SO BAD and I REALLY thought it could be for me from the colors and the pattern. By the time she had mailed it tho I had convinced myself that it was not for me and decided to make myself a consolation pillow out of the only Heather Ross Mendocino scrap piece that I had - which happened to be the same she used for her pillow center. I made my borders the same as hers because I really liked the entire effect she came up with for her pillow..

Well lo and behold, that awesome pillow DID show up at my house! So now I will have 2 coordinating Mendocino pillows on my couch, yay! Meghan did an awesome job with this hexi pillow and I love all the fabrics she chose for me. Definitely the perfect pillow for me and my favorite from this swap - and boy were there a lot of awesome ones in this round!

Close-up of the center - love this print! And as you can see around it she even included some of the sea horse prints from this line and at the very bottom is also the school of fish print from this line that I totally love. *sigh* Definitely made my day yesterday to find it sitting on my doorstep :)

Here is my unfinished pillow top sitting next to her awesome pillow - just need to get some orange for the back so they both keep the same border/backing to coordinate so lovely on my couch. Mine is a wonky/crazy log cabin block - I def. like her hexagon log cabin better than mine but I will be happy to have both on my couch for a long long time.


Debbie said...

wow. Dreams really do come true! ;-)
Both pillows are terrific!

**nicke... said...

i love them both so much! very cute pillows and how fun that you have two now!

Meghan said...

Your matching one is so cute too!! You will have one styling couch!!! I really enjoyed making the hexie one for you!!!

Bree said...

Lucky you! I know you were really hoping for this one! Yours looks great too, they make a fantastic pair.