October 27, 2011


O.my.goodness... I'm seriously so giddy still 2 hours after opening this awesome package!

So, I get home and there is this mysterious box waiting for me. I've been stalking my Pillow Talk Swap like CRAZY and have it narrowed down to 2 pillows that I think COULD be for me - so I really thought it was one of those that I know shipped Monday.

... I rip the box open and what do I find? A jar of jalapeno jelly and a card. Intrigued and seeing a lot of box stuffing and no pillow cover, I read the card and realize it is from my Pretty Little Pouch Swap partner! She explained the interesting jelly appetizer with a good recipe for using it and I then excitedly pulled out the box stuffing and found this.... be still my heart!

PLPS 3 Received

Are you seeing the amazing stitching, super cute little fussy cuts, and that sweet clasp top? 
Yea, I know, it is A.MA.ZING!
It is seriously like somehow she climed into my head, pulled out lots of little bits of things I've liked on flikr but never had the guts to make, and put it all together in this one awesome pouch. Swooning... totally :)

THEN, I opened up the little cutie to check out the lining (which I love by the way!) and saw that cute pile of extras inside! Some SWEET fox fabric from Monaluna that I've actually had my eye on for months, and some really pretty embroidery brights. 

Overwhelmed with the perfection of this package, def. had no idea when I saw this on Flikr that it could possibly be for me... YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :)

And to make things even better today - my partner received her package today and seems to be pretty excited about it too so I'm very happy about that! I was a little nervous after getting this sweet pouch and hoping she wouldn't be disappointed. 

1 swap down - 1 to go. My other partner needs to go to the post office and pick up her package - hope she likes her pillow cover and can't wait to see which one I will receive! Everyone has to mail by next Tuesday... the countdown is on :) 

Happy sewing and swapping everyone!


**nicke... said...

oh you were so spoiled. i have to finish my pouch tonight! i have to!

Bree said...

Lucky, lucky you! Aren't you glad now that you signed up?! :)

Anonymous said...

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