October 13, 2011

Eye candy, yum yum yum!

I'm making really good progress on those last 3 quilts - finished binding 2 on Tuesday and finished quilting the last one yesterday. Binding tonight and FINISHED!! ... after last night's fiasco with painter's tape not wanting to stay down and help me with my diagonal lines, I'm a little flustered and ready to be done done DONE with these quilts... but all in all I'm very happy to have been able to help out with this project and super hoping that the 4 quilts I made go to homes where they are needed. I will have pics this weekend once all are done.

I'm also hoping to get my Pillow Talk Swap pillow and Prettly little Pouch Swap pouch finished this weekend or early next week so stay tuned for those pics as well!

Since I have no pictures of projects to show, I thought I'd share some eye candy that has me completely giddy. First up is Peacock Lane which is on its way to my house hopefully by the middle of next week, yay! Could not resist a FQ bundle of this - especially 50% off today until the 17th at Fat Quarter Shop - coupon code "peacock":

Isn't this just absolutely yummy? I LOVE both colorways and I think they would look awesome together in a quilt or separately. No clue what I will do with them yet but I'm sure I will come up with something lovely. I also got a 1/2 yard of the elephant/peacock menagerie in both colors - that is by far my favorite print in this set.

Next up is something I've been super excited about since it was announced - Outfoxed by Lizzy House! The Intrepid Thread will hopefully be getting this in by the end of the month and I REALLY think I need a FQ bundle.

However, the purple colorway is by far my favorite - so maybe I will just get a FQ set of these?

And these 2 prints are my favorite from the whole bunch so I will def. be getting extra and making other fun things with them - love those foxes and hedgehogs!

So what do you think? Full FQ bundle and extra of those 2 - or just a FQ bundle of the purple colorway and extra of the 2 above? Decisions decisions....

This purchase is going to wipe out my fabric money for the rest of the year I have a feeling but maybe someone will be nice enough to get Pear Tree for me for christmas because I am oooooo so excited about this set too - especially the top section of blues:

And that my friends is the end of this long eye candy ramble. What lines are you most looking forward to this fall/winter? Anything good on your Christmas list? :)


Debbie said...

Such beautiful fabric!! And you are making great progress - can't wait to see your finishes!!

stephmabry said...

I LOVE Outfoxed! My aunt offered to gift me some designer fabric to me for Christmas, and I was having such a tough time choosing...just...one...line! until I saw Outfoxed. Those little hedgehogs just make me go squeeeee! :) Can't wait to make myself something adorable with it!

**nicke... said...

we have the same brain! i bought both bundles of peacock lane yesterday! nothing like 50% off! i can't wait to cut into it!