October 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Swap updates!

I may be posting this on Thursday morning but it was def. a very productive WIP Wednesday for me!

My swap items are now completed - happy dancing right here!

1. Pillow Talk Swap - Loulouthi in the sky with diamonds is her name ;-)

Pillow Talk Swap - Loulouthi complete

She is packaged up with a nice little bundle of scraps and will be on her way to her new home this evening!

2. Pretty (little) Pouch Swap


Back - Kokka Linen
 Ok so let's talk about this pouch for a second... I love it, I think it turned out super cute, but my o my that space to the left of the car BUGS ME! I wanted to do a little puff of smoke but it just turned out bad bad bad :( What do you think... should I try again or just leave it be?

Applique and stitching are not my best skills, very elementary at best, so I'm hoping my partner appreciates the attempt and likes the pouch as much as I do... but that space.... o that space is going to haunt me!

Fortunately I still have 2 weeks until it needs to be mailed to think about what extras to add in and what, if anything, I'm going to do with that space.

3. My 4 x 5 Flikr Bee blocks have all arrived! Here are what my fabulous partners sent me:

4 x 5 Bee Blocks Received - 3rd Quarter 2011

I signed up for Quarter 4 in the 4 x 5 Bee as well as the 3 x 6 Bee - meaning that from Nov. 1st - Jan. 15th I will need to make 11 blocks.... but it also means I will receive 11 and have 16 total for an awesome quilt! :) Busy busy bee but since I am almost done with my all my other swaps I think I can handle it. 4 - 12.5 x 12.5 blocks a month is not so bad, even with a bit of Christmas sewing thrown in.

Hope everyone is having a productive week - sewing or otherwise! Enjoy the lovely Fall weather!!


Debbie said...

Great bee blocks! I can't wait to get started on my next set! And I'm sorry I don't have any ideas for the pouch - it looks fine to me, but I understand what you're getting at....

**nicke... said...

i need to start and finish my pouch for the swap. i have decided on a design in my mind but now i just need to make it a reality. i do love your pouch though. i think it looks great.