July 18, 2010

Charm Squares #1

Before I started any projects I fell in love with the charm squares by Moda and bought several different patterns. Although upon starting my practice projects I realized that I would like to work with larger squares, not having to cut out hundreds of squares makes these charm packs fabulous in my eyes, even if they are only 5x5 squares.

The first project I attempted with these Moda fabrics is the disappearing nine patch quilt. A great tutorial for making this pattern can be found here, until this crafter decides to remove their link, if ever.

I made it as far as steps 1 & 2 and wanted to share my progress because I think this quilt is so darn cute! I ran out of fabric and had to order another set of charm squares so this project is to be continued upon the arrival of more fabric:

Something new...

With the rest of some of my apple scraps I decided to try out this new pattern. I really have no idea what it is called, if anyone does please let me know! :)

My first thought was to use scraps of the cute apple pie fabric in the middle of each red strip which looked REALLY cute before it was sewn together:
However, I realized, when I tried to sew the strips together, that the apple picture became so small you could not tell what they were anymore when sewn together. What sad news for me! I decided just to make the smaller squares the same fabric as the bigger squares and it still turned out cute in my opinion. Definitely teaches me a lesson on sizing things right and allowing for a seam!

I later sewed this one using the stitch in the ditch method for more practice. As I'm sure you can tell, none of my practice quilts are perfectly aligned and there are small mistakes in each, but I guess that is why they are called "practice" quilts :) All in all the scrapbox practice sessions made for some cute samples which will eventually be finished when I learn to do binding. Now its on to my "real" projects!

Scrapbox Quilt #2

Once again, thanks to my mom's extensive scrapbox, I was able to make another cute practice blanket. This time I chose an apple theme which turned out to be rather cute, in my opinion. I am not really sure how useful an apple themed baby quilt is for gifting, but at least my future kids will one day have something to play on :) I have yet to learn how to do the binding but I was able to quilt this one using the "stitch in the ditch" method to practice.