July 18, 2010

Something new...

With the rest of some of my apple scraps I decided to try out this new pattern. I really have no idea what it is called, if anyone does please let me know! :)

My first thought was to use scraps of the cute apple pie fabric in the middle of each red strip which looked REALLY cute before it was sewn together:
However, I realized, when I tried to sew the strips together, that the apple picture became so small you could not tell what they were anymore when sewn together. What sad news for me! I decided just to make the smaller squares the same fabric as the bigger squares and it still turned out cute in my opinion. Definitely teaches me a lesson on sizing things right and allowing for a seam!

I later sewed this one using the stitch in the ditch method for more practice. As I'm sure you can tell, none of my practice quilts are perfectly aligned and there are small mistakes in each, but I guess that is why they are called "practice" quilts :) All in all the scrapbox practice sessions made for some cute samples which will eventually be finished when I learn to do binding. Now its on to my "real" projects!

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