May 4, 2013

Pillow Talk Swap ~ Round 10

Another Swap?! I know I know... I am ridiculous this year but seriously... I am sooooooooo sad everytime I've had to pass up a round of this swap and don't miss it if I can help it! The sewers in this group are so incredibly talented... I am so inspired by the projects everyone makes and always receive gorgeous pillow covers in each and every round!

Although my friend and I were talking about how we needed to stay out of swaps because we've done so many this year, probably half of which because we egged eachother on lol, we agreed this one could not be passed up :)

I started off with this fabric pick for my partner ~ she likes color and these all seemed pretty cheery to me:

Not everyone loved my selections but my partner seemed to be interested in them so I decided to keep going once I received my background fabric. I am thinking of some type of drunkard's path variation, haven't decided 100% yet what direction I am going in but this is what I have so far:

I love the brights with the darker cross hatch background and really like how this is coming together so far. Waiting for my partner to comment to see if I should keep going ... but I may continue anyway because even if she doesn't like it, I want to finish this and keep it for myself! :)

I am trying to not just choose something directly from her mosaic, but be instead inspired by the colors, fabrics, and shapes she has chosen and make her something unique and especially made just for her. I have plenty of time to start over but I am hoping I am not off track with this because I think it is really fun ... but in the end I want to make her something she adores so I'm fine starting over if needs be. We shall see!

Until then... I have a very empty evening ahead of me and lots of sewing to do ...... so I should get on that ... or go take a nap... both very tempting options haha.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday! The sun is shining here and I'm having a much needed wonderfully relaxing day after a super long week at work ~ thank goodness!

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Nilya said...

If you are making this for me ;-) i would be thirilled!