December 1, 2010

Far far away 2 - aka my love affair with Heather Ross

 I just got the best surprise in the mail today! Ok, I guess it is not a surprise if I ordered it myself... but I was still surprised it came so fast!

These are 2 of the plum variations of Heather Ross´ line Far Far Away 2. The cat and the owl, and sleeping beauty. In the picture below is also rappunzel.

I think only my friend Gina (who actually pointed this line out to me I might add!!) can understand the long drawn out love affair/ online stalking affair I have been having with this fabric. My collection is now most likely complete even tho I would love to have the entire set but alas, I have to curb my addiction a LITTLE, haha.
Check out to view the entire line in all its glory. Be careful tho, its addicting, hard to find, and rather pricey which is a lethal combination!

After all of the Christmas presents are done I will have to see what amazing project I can come up with for these beautiful fabrics. I can't just leave them sitting in my stash being pretty, it would be a shame and a waste for sure! ... Fellow crafters, any ideas??

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