November 27, 2010

New Camera thanks to Black Friday deals, woo hoo!

Thanks to a great Black Friday deal at Best Buy which only required us to stand in the rain at 5am for about 20 min... we have a new camera! Its the Canon Powershot SX130. It is larger than some compact cameras but it has an awesome zoom function and takes great pictures so far so I am super happy with it!

 Soooo happy to have a new camera for documenting all of my crafting projects. Also glad to have one that seems to do well without flash, in lowlight settings, and has a faster shutter speed than 1 picture per minute which our last one was averaging before it died haha.

Ofcourse the easiest victim for trying out a new camera is the family dog... so here are some shots of Winston`s photo shoot. I think he is a natural model :)


Toni said...

Hi Tiffany, Did you have a great thanks giving? we do celebrate it here but I certainly read all about everyone elses in blog land lol. I love your new camera, I would like a new one as well, but it will have to go on the very long list of wants. Toni

Gretchen said...

Winston looks great! Congrats on the new camera!!!