November 13, 2010

Almost there...

 I finally have been able to spend some time working on my soiree blanket mentioned a few posts below. After A LOT of sewing and cutting of 3 honey buns (120 1.5x45 inch strips to be exact!) I finally have gotten to this point. All of the rows are sewn, just need to sew them all together and voila, the top is finished! Will have to find some backing fabric soon and get this beauty quilted, bound, and ready for snuggling! This will be the first quilt I am making for myself and I am super excited to snuggle it upon completion :)

I always use my bed as a place to layout my blankets but it is frustrating going down the hall to get more squares when I am sewing in the dining room. So after a stroke of genius this afternoon, I sew up a litle sewing area in my bedroom. Yes, that is a bookshelf, emptied of all its contents hurriedly into a bucket haha. Im sure I will have to deal with that mess later but for now I will enjoy my little sewing area and get back to work!