November 13, 2010

Monster attack!

Thanks to my good friend Gina loaning me her camera, I can finally get a few new posts up, yay!

Something I have been dying to show you all is my "ugly doll". I made this a few months ago by tracing around the black "secret mission ice bat" ugly doll I had purchased earlier in the year. Out of some blue velvet scraps I had I made this cute little guy. Totally cracked me up later to realize that he perfectly matched my favorite Shark from Ikea :)

In October on the way to Indiana we stopped to see my good friend Carla and she suprised us with 2 fun ugly dolls to add to my collection. The green one was for Lukas but we all knew it would become mine as soon as we got home :)

These cute little guys have inspired me to make a whole crazy line of monsters, to be designed and created after the holidays. Stay tuned for more monster madness!
***UPDATE: Just as an FYI so no one thinks Im a big poser, the only monster I made is the open mouthed little blue guy in the front. The other 3 are actual "Ugly Dolls" bought from a store. And YES I did trace one of the ugly dolls for my pattern :)


Millie Motts said...

I love how you made all the mouths different!

Tiffany said...

I only made the bright blue one up front... the others are actual ugly dolls and made by professionals (ie machines who are smarter than me haha) but thanks for the compliment anyway :).

Gretchen said...

Oh I love your monsters!!!! A whole posse of monsters would just be the BEST!