October 16, 2010

First finished quilt and another happy friend yay!

Before I completed my Disappearing Ninepatch, I had another friend coming into town for a whole 24 hours, (woo hoo!) and wanted to get her quilt done to send back to Alaska with her. I have not seen her since my wedding 3 years ago so it was a really awesome visit regardless of being so incredibly short!

I used a great binding tutorial which can be found here and step by step I was able to make my first binding roll AND successfully get it attached! I realize this is no big deal for seasoned quilters but I was soooo excited to make this!

I had the finished quilt folded up all cute on her bed when we got back and as she was checking it out I let her know that it was hers. She was super surprised and seemed to like it a lot which made me super happy. It was another one of those instances where as I was making it, it reminded me of her and sealed its fate :)
Pretty successful in my opinion for my first finished quilt EVER and a great addition to a short but wonderful visit with another of my best friends!

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