October 16, 2010

Singer is a fighter... watch out flannel!

On top of the other 2 quilts I completed for my friends, this 3rd one was in progress to get finished and delivered last weekend but had a fight with the sewing machine and lost. I tried to add some super cute flannel to the back and apparently my sewing machine eats flannel. I have since learned to use tissue paper on the back in order to avoid that problem but unfortunately that lesson was learned too late.

I will get pictures of the finished product (no flannel this time!) up soon... I was a good quilter and was able to salvage it in the end. It had a couple small holes in it from another fight with the seam ripper after the sewing machine attacked it so I could not convince myself to gift it but that is ok. It will be just fine for our kids some day and is still super cute :) Fortunately I still have time to make another one for that particular friend's baby so no sweat there. Would have been nice to give it to her in person but hey, we can't have everything I suppose.

Other than the sewing machine attack... I also realized the benefit of using quality fabric (ie that white was rather cheap and see through)... as well as the point of cutting off the selvage! Ooopss... haha. This was my first "non-practice" quilt I pieced and tried to quilt tho so hey, good lessons learned and a baby can still one day crawl and puke on this to its heart's content, haha.

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Millie Motts said...

Ah, I love this one - such happy fabric!