October 16, 2010

Disappearing Nine Patch Complete!

On the 10 hour car ride to Michigan I finished hand sewing the binding on this lovely quilt. Sooooo excited to get my second quilt completed and I was even more excited to give it to my awesome friend who agreed to pose for me with it :) She totally loved it which makes all that time and effort and pain in the butt issues I had with this quilt... totally worth it!

I started making this quilt awhile ago, as you can see by the date of my last post, and as it was coming together the first thing I thought was WOW this totally reminds me of Crazy Carla. Its fun making things for myself but way more exciting knowing the whole time that what I am making is going to one of my best friends. That is probably what saved this quilt since I was ready to kill it after the edges started coming apart. Apparently when you cut a nine patch, the seams get cut (DUH!) and if you don't baste your quilt (which I dont!) and you play with it ten million times before actually quilting it together and finishing it (which I did!) it def starts to come apart. Yikes... that was a bad night haha.

All is well that ends well tho and this one ended very well. Yay to this beast being finished and yay to making my best friend smile :)

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