October 17, 2010

A soiree to remember!

I found this little scrap bundle at the Etsy site of one of the bloggers that I follow. She was unloading some of her stash and I thought hrmmm... a $2 bundle of scraps... why not? It might have been silly at the time but in the end it turned out to be an AWESOME idea :) And I will tell you why...
I was not paying much attention when to the title and had no clue what line these fabrics were from. After receiving them and absolutely loving them, I realized they were from the Moda Soiree line. Check it out here... so cute!
However after some research I found out that this line was discontinued... so sad! After lots and lots of searching however I was able to find 2 honey buns (40 strip bundles of 1.5x44 inch pre-cut fabric) and then I found this awesome pattern here. I decided to do a larger version with 2 honey buns but it will look something like this (with the Soiree line of fabric ofcourse) when it is done.

Right now its just a pile of strips sewn in sets of 2 but eventually I will make some progress on it and have more pictures to show. Unfortunately I do have to work full-time and can't play full-time... no fair :-p

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