December 30, 2012

2013 - the year of the UFO!

UFOs are taking over for 2013!! No worries - these are just unfinished objects, not the UFOs with the little green men :) I have soooooo many quilts I've started and this is the year I will finally finish them ALL! That is right - you heard me - ALL OF THEM will be done by this time next year. It is a big undertaking but someone has to do it and unless anyone else is volunteering to come over and baste/quilt/bind all of these for me... guess I should get started! :)

Here is a lovely list of my UFOs that I'd like to tackle  WILL FINISH in 2013:

Starting from the top left - next steps for each quilt:

1. Zig Zag QAL - needs pieced
2. Kaleidescope QAL - needs pieced
3. Argyle quilt for hubby - needs basted & quilted
4. Fall Disappearing 9 Patch - needs basted & quilted
5. Queen sized double hourglass - needs pieced
6. Pips Stepping Stones - needs pieced
7. Moda Film Strip - finish quilting (50% done)
8. Orange Aqua Grey Bee Blocks - needs basted and quilted
9. Botany Crazy Log Cabin - finish piecing (50% done)

So 4 finished tops that need basted and quilted, one half way pieced, and 4 more that need pieced. This is a lot to take on but I'm going to get it all done and get every last one of these 9 quilts FINISHED by the end of 2013! 

There are other pillow and purse UFOs floating around my sewing room somewhere too but I figure these 9 are enough to take on this year and I will fit those other smaller projects in around these. I really really REALLY want to end 2013 with new WIPs (works in progress) and 9 beautiful finished quilts :)

First steps to tackle: #3 for my hubby ~ need to figure out the backing & #7 - finish quilting it ASAP, it is so close to being done so this will be a quick win!
Will keep you apprised of my progress :) 

Happy end of 2012 everyone and good luck with all your 2013 projects and goals! 


Leanne said...

These are great projects, you could join us in the Finish-A-Long if you like.

Katy Cameron said...

That's perfectly reasonable. I went tidying yesterday and found 24 WIPs - eek!

Lyanna said...

I am afraid to go hunting for UFO's, I'll probably end up with far more than I would like to admit. I do feel like it's almost a challenge now seeing your gumption to finish things up though. Thanks for the motivation/inspiration!