January 13, 2013

Bag Lady Beginnings for 2013 :)

2013 has started off as a bag making year ~ I will have lots to show this month if I accomplish everything I have planned!

I was searching for a project bag pattern for a friend of mine and stumbled across a Heather Bailey "New Leaf Folding Totes" pattern in my pattern box. I'm not really sure where it came from, if I purchased it at some point or got it as part of a gift/package/etc, but either way I'm glad I have it!

This pattern is really cool - a tote/grocery/project bag that folds up into a little wallet for easy storage and carrying in your purse while shopping. I also made a matching zipper pouch from the Noodlehead tutorial as I figured this would be a good sewing project and notion bag for her. Hopefully she will like it when I give it to her tomorrow!

Zipper pouch (left) Bag folded up (Right)

Zipper pouch (left) Bag unfolded (Right)

The pocket on the front also becomes the velcro wallet that holds the bag when folded, so cool!

Next on my project list is a bag pattern I am testing for a friend. I am still auditioning fabric while I wait for my supplies to arrive in the mail. I only have a couple weeks to get this beauty together and can't wait to share it with you later on when her pattern is ready!

Happy Sewing everyone! What are you working on this week?


LynCC said...

Hey, those are pretty. :) Perfect colors for February coming up.

Katy Cameron said...

Great job on them! BTW, you might want to fix your visited links colour as it's white, like your background, so you get what look like big spaces in your sentences!