June 22, 2013

Summer Sprouts ~ A pillow experiment

Wooden Spoon made this AMAZING pillow for the latest round of Pillow Talk Swap:

PTS10 Scrappy Spring Sprouts... finished

I'm doing a swap with some friends and I thought something like this would be perfect for one of them... so here is my attempt:

I always tend to like the originals better when I recreate something that another sewer has made, but I still like mine and look forward to hopefully finishing it up this weekend. Not sure yet how I will finish it up ~ border, binding, quilting, etc. but I'll figure that out once I trim up the leaf blocks and attach them all together tomorrow. 

We'll see if my friend decides she likes it for our Swappers Anonymous swap. If not, I'm super happy to let this cheerful pillow live on my couch! 

Feeling pretty lousy this weekend but at least I got to spend some quality time piecing on Yeti ~ can't complain too much about that! Looking forward to trying her out on some quilting with I get that far on this pillow. 


Nilya said...

I think it's perfect! I loved it from Rachel and I love yours. For me? LOL

Marika said...

I don't know if I'm that friend but I really really like it :)

How's your week been going ?

The Cozy Pumpkin said...

Just found your blog and am really enjoying perusing. :) You have a great eye for color.