August 19, 2013

Paper Piecing - My first block!

Even tho I took a class in paper piecing at the Sewing Summit last year, I never even finished a block, just a couple sections of the block I was supposed to be making. We ran out of time, I messed up one block when I was at home... long story short, it is on the WIP pile and may even be lost, who knows lol.

Recently tho, I saw a really cute star block on Pinterest from Sew Crafty Jess and used her templates to try paper piecing again. There are no step by step instructions for constructing the blocks, paper piecing, etc. but she does reference a good tutorial to get you started, or in my case, refresh my memory.

For my first attempt at this block, even tho it isn't perfect, it isn't too shabby and I'm happy enough with it:

First paper pieced block!

I was going to use it for a present for a friend, but it bothers me that the bottom left text is going in a weird direction. It isn't quite upside down, it just isn't angled correctly in sync with the other ones. 
Plus the center doesn't line up 100% ... so we'll see. I'll probably end up keeping it and make her something else but all in all, I'm happy with my first try and glad to have raided the scrap bin!

Felt good to sew today even tho this block took me 3 hours to make and now I have a headache, am super tired, and a little cranky haha. Perfect time to go to bed! Hope everyone is having a good week!


CeLynn said...

I love it,and didn't even notice the different direction of the text until you pointed it out! I bet your friend would love it,especially since it is from you ;)

Marika said...

If I am the friend you are talking about, you send it like that. I would have never noticed the text going in the wrong direction if you had not mentionned it !