October 4, 2013

(Long Overdue) ~ Mayhem in Paradise Retreat Recap

Without further delay ~ a recap in photos of the first annual "Mayhem in Paradise" craft retreat!

A recipe for success for any retreat:

1. Good friends and a fantastic house to stay in

Gina, Carla, January, Deb, Whitney, Julie, Tiffany, + Lyanna (missing from photo)

January, Whitney, Julie, Lyanna, Deb, Carla

2. Good food

"Always good" pretzel shop - best thing EVER!! :)

Mmmm pretzels!

Free ice cream at Burkholder's Fabric Shop

Best homemade root beer sold by adorable little amish girls on a farm

Ooey gooey o so yummy smores by Gina

3. Fantastic fabric shops in Lancaster, PA with great sales and wonderful merchandise

Whitney and Deb

Julie and January

Me buying WAY too much fabric!
4. Generous "Doggiebag" goodies from our Sponsors - Fat Quarter Shop, Stitches & Giggles, and The Old Country Store

5. And lots and lots and LOTS of SEWING!!

Julie - the binding elf

Me concentrating on paper piecing

Gina - the amazing terrarium design genius

Hard at work - January, Julie, and Whitney
6. Last but not least, unending jokes about Intercourse, PA - the best little town for fabric and pretzels in Lancaster County, PA

Couldn't we all use a little more in our lives? Miss you girls!! :)
As you can see, it was a long wonderful weekend with friends and I am very much looking forward to Mayhem 2014!


LynCC said...

Fun! Yeah - a town name like that is a constant source of mirth. ;D

Laura said...

Oh... I want pretzels now... love the doggy bags - hehehe. sounds like a fun time was had by all. BTW, what the heck is root beer made from???