February 11, 2012

Mendocino Pillow Love!

I finally finished my wonky Mendocino pillow to match the hexagon one I received in the Pillow Talk Swap 6 last year. Love them on my couch!!

Mendocino Pillows

I was going to start quilting my pillow talk swap 7 pillow today but I think it needs one more border to make it an inch bigger finished and am not sure what color. I am leaning towards coal border with orange back - what do you think?

Border options for PTS7 Pillow

I also had a GREAT surprise as I was browsing flikr this morning. Remember my picnic quilt collage? Well one of my Honeycomb partners already finished her 2 blocks for me even tho my month isn't until March. They are SO pretty! The mushroom one I have a feeling is going to be my favorite in this quilt!

I would love to paste them in here but flikr won't let me for some reason so here are the links:


Regardless of the awful time at the post, I was able to get some good crafting in so I feel better. Now it is time to drink my spinach smoothie and get ready for the gym... yay? haha. Happy Saturday!

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Carla said...

Wow those pillows are so pretty and I'm crushing the orange/blue combo!

Naomi said...

Gorgeous pillows! The spinach smoothie makes me gag a little... have fun at the gym!

Kelly said...

Very pretty pillows!!

Sue Daurio said...

spinach smoothie? I'm thinking it's not so smooth :) But that orange and blue pillow block now that is smooth!!! I LOVE it. I think it will great with the grey

Kristina said...

I love these pillows and what you're doing with the orange colors!