February 17, 2012

New Fabric? WHAT!!! I know... I know... :(

I am such a bad kid... I am trying SO HARD not to buy new fabric but if they would stop making so much awesome fabric, that would REALLY help! :) To be fair tho, there is nothing else coming out between now and May that I am interested in - other than maybe Moda Summersville in April - so I can spread this out a little through my fabric budget (haha like that ever works out lol). In my defense as well, I either got a great sale price or a sale and free shipping on these - so how could I resist? Really? Will power... that is how... I am so weak lol.

Anyway, regardless of how much trouble I am in with myself, here are the new lovelies :)

Laurie Wisbrun Jack and Jenny - donkey and rainboot prints only, not the rain prints shown here:

Flea Market Fancy - pre-order - will ship in March - ordered the 7 prints I circled in white:

I have to say, I am not 100% on the Flea Market Fancy bandwagon but I do like these prints so I figured why not - good sale and it is best to get them while they are available and normal price anyway.

And last but not least - Pezzy Prints! I haven't decided if I will get FQs or 1/2 yards of these - I am thinking I will use them for A LOT of projects so I would like 1/2 yards. Ok obviously I would like a yard of each but I have to be realistic, espec. with the others I just purchased :-p Aren't they lovely tho?? There is a coupon that starts Monday which I am waiting to use:

And if I must admit it, and apparently I must because here I go - I am going to Lancaster County, PA this weekend with my mom if she is feeling better and you KNOW I will come home with more fabric then lol. I have a set budget for myself tho and will force myself to stick with it. I am usually pretty good there - just pick up some stash builders, not entire lines, but I always find such great prints and deals and no shipping so I can't complain.

So now you know how pathetic I am... breaking my resolution less than 2 months into it lol. We'll see how I do in the next couple of months, maybe I can redeem myself! I am having a quilt quilted in April and May so my budget is pretty much gone for those months but since I already bought all the fabric I wanted that comes out then (other than Summersville) I SHOULD be ok... should be the opperative word here lol.

How do you curb your money spending habits for hobbies? Any good tips for the weak of willed like me? :)


Impera_Magna said...

I've put a moratorium on fabric buying this year and will generally stick to that resolution. If I do purchase fabric, I use the following guidelines before doing so:

1) Will I regret NOT buying this fabric? Does it "call" my name? Do I just out and out LOVE the fabric?

2) Do I need this fabric to finish up a WIP?

3) Is the sale just TOO good to pass up? Can I use this fabric in a reasonable amount of time? Do I have a future project in mind for which I will need this fabric?

I have a harder time in fabric stores b/c there is something about seeing and touching fabrics... so I stay out of fabric stores unless I need something specific.

It's easier for me to resist fabric purchases online but sometimes you come across some incredible sales or "must have" fabrics.


Marika said...

Which shop is offering a coupon for the Pezzy prints ? I want some soooo bad !!

I don't have tips... But I know that if I can't get a specific fabric out of my head for 2-3 weeks, then I HAVE to get it.. Like that Liberty bundle I bought at Purl Soho last year. I think I looked at it for a whole month before I bought it !! I knew it had to be mine. So yeah, my tip would be to wait a little bit and if you really can't forget the fabric, buy it !

Diane said...

Oh, I want a coupon too! :) haha.
Here I am to help you not feel so bad again. lol. I broke my resolution of only sewing with my stash/not buying more fabric unless necessary (cause solid white always runs out so fast you know) in January. And i'm not talking like $10. But I won't say any more. Haha.