March 18, 2013

Swappy Update ~ Finally!

Hellllloooooooooooo! I'm back from our quick week trip to Germany for a family reunion and getting back into the swing of things ~ including sewing!

I am soooooooooo excited to show you all the newest bag I made as a tester for one of Sara's patterns but that will have to wait until she releases it. Mean to tease you, I know! All I can say is large travel bag + Melody Miller fabric = I'm in love! As soon as I got back from Germany I hit the ground running to get this beauty done by Sara's deadline ... glad I volunteered for it tho because I am loving her pattern for this one and soooooo happy with my resulting bag! Stay tuned later this week for pictures!

Outside of making that big beauty, I've been working on my swap item for the Modernist Homemade swap. This round they are focusing on the living room ~ which to me really means ANOTHER PILLOW! hahaha Not that I don't have a bazillion... 1 more can't hurt right?? I also requested a mini quilt to hang on my sewing room wall since that is the room I mostly "live in", I figured it counts :) We'll see what I end up with! We have to ship at the end of the month... I am a bit nervous but keeping my fingers crossed that it will be awesome!

My partner had some rather specific details in her mosaic and information, from which I created this lovely pillow cover for her. I am in love with these x & + blocks and her color scheme is not one I normally would have chosen but I really like the way it came together!

I decided to go with some straight line quilting in a X formation and was a little more daring than usual by choosing mustard colored thread. Not sure if you can see it here but I got the right side quarter finished last night. I really love the texture it adds to the pillow cover without taking away from the fabrics/design of the blocks themselves. Hoping to get this finished tonight and start working on her small item this weekend. I have until the 31st to mail so I am doing great with time... just love getting things finished up and on their way!

I also have 2 Dresden blocks to make for my Bee this month which are on the agenda for next week at the latest. My group is soooooo fast and everyone else is done with their blocks but I figure as long as I am not late, it works out! I need to head to Joanns and get an EZ dresden ruler to make this month's blocks ... will add that to my to-do list for the week which is just growing and growing, yikes!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive week!!


**nicke... said...

i love it. it is gorgeous!

Marika said...

Heyy !
I tried Pink Penguin's tutorial to make a fabric basket that looks a lot like the Divided Basket.
If you don't feel like making a huge basket, this one is pretty cute :)

Just wanted to let you know !!