August 26, 2011

design seeds: harvest hues

design seeds: harvest hues: {harvest hues}

I am totally seeing a new quilt here - what do you think? Green is my favorite color and that top green is fantastic. That bottom orange happens to be favorite color #3 on my list - and my car is even that color! Yes, I do believe we have found a winner. I think this may be my first attempt at a "modern and original design"... we'll see what that ends up being! Thanks for the inspiration design seeds!

In other news, we are preparing for hurricane Irene this weekend. It is supposed to be between a category 2 and 1 when it hits the Delaware and Jersey shorelines, both of which are only 1.5 hours away from where I live. We won't get in the devastation in northern Delaware that those costal cities will, but I'm expecting big storms, lots of rain, and maybe even power outages. Keep those affected by the storms in your thoughts and prayers, my heart goes out to those I know and don't know living in the path of this beast :(

Bottled water - Check
Flashlight - Check
Charged up Kindle with the whole Jane Austen collection - Check
Big snuggly dog and hubby to keep me company - Check
... I think we'll be alright at my house :)


Millie Motts said...

It works!!!! :)

Millie Motts said...

Can you hear me now?

Debbie said...

boy, we were thinking on similar lines in our posting today! Great palette - I love that one too! Have you seen the Dead Simple QA? Just a thought.
Hey - take care in THE WEATHER!

Toni said...

I was just looking through Design Seeds and saved that one as a potential palette for my Dead Simple QAL. Love those colors, esp the orange! Hope Irene doesn't hit too hard!

Beth said...

I hope you made it through Irene OK. Everyone seemed to be worried about NY, but it sounds like everyone else got hit a lot harder. And I love the colors you picked out. Green is a wonderful color to work with, and I love your top color as well.