August 29, 2011

Irene induced crafting time...

Thanks to Irene I had nothing to do and no where to go this weekend so I was able to finally get some sewing done. I was in a slump on Saturday and had no motivation to sew or do anything productive in the afternoon. I felt bad, like I was wasting precious sewing time, but its better to not sew than sew poorly.
However, Sunday my motivation came back so here are some goodies I was able to work on:

1. Two "Rainy Days and Mondays" Sprocket Pillows

I think I like the smaller one on the right better, only because I like the side fabric better because it pops more. The umbrealla fabric on the larger pillow is one of my favorite prints in that set, but somehow it just blends in too much. O well - they are both cute and hopefully the recipient will love them too :)

2. Block 8 for the "Skill Builder Sampler QAL" Series

I have to say, I REALLY hated this way of making the flying geese. However, I guess the point of this project is to learn various ways of creating the same block and figuring out which method you like best. I still have 1 more block to make this month to be caught up so we'll see if I like that method any better.
Sadly, that is all. I also took a trip to the post office and finally mailed out the items from my giveaway and the turtle baby gift I posted about last week. Between life, an earthquake, and a hurricane, things have been a little crazy around here - hope everyone will forgive me for being so slow on shipping when they get their lovely items tomorrow :)

Happy Monday everyone!

***PS - In a previous post I had mentioned a great tutorial for zippers with tabs - here it is from Bree from My Crafty Crap - guest posting at Sew Sweetness I used this tutorial for my giveaway clutch and I really liked it - first time making zipper tabs and they turned out super cute!***

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Debbie said...

Absolutely darling pillows!! Good for you.

Impera_Magna said...

Oooo... very cute pillows! They would make great indoor Frisbees! I may be old but I still think like a kid...


Toni said...

Cute pillows! That looks like a fun pattern to try. Glad to hear Irene didn't hit you too hard!

Lyanna said...

Cute pillows, as usual ;). I really like the color in your block, and the block itself. I really should do a QAL, and a skill builder one seems like it would be fun. I just wish I could've sewn some during our wait out the storm time, but alas we were entertaining 4 with cabin fever. Naptime was very welcomed this weekend.

Bree said...

I always love your sampler blocks, the polka dots are fantastic as usual! When I saw the new block this week, I immediately thought about how I can't wait to see yours.

LOVE the pillows! I actually like the one with the umbrellas on the side, that's my favorite from that line too! But they're both super cute.

Gayle said...

Love the sprocket pillows, beautiful bright colours.