August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday Update... or lack thereof

I have been a total slacker for the past week and weekend! I really have not gotten anything crafty done except for my smaller gift for my partner in the For the Love of Solids Swap:

FTLOS - Mug Rug
 So there my friends is my meager WIP Wednesday update - pathetic, I know!

In other news tho, I had a fabulous weekend and have been keeping very busy with life stuff - which I do believe is more important than crafty stuff... if only barely ;-)

Friday I had a lovely date night out with my husband - Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then a nice stroll around the mall to help relax our super full bellies.

Saturday myself, my hubby, and a friend of ours all went down to Rehoboth Beach for what will most likely be our last beach day of the season. The weather was perfect and we had a fantastic time! I even played in the ocean which I have NEVER done and o my heck it was SO fun! Here are some highlights from that little trip:

Hubby taking a little nap

My friend enjoying her book and the gorgeous weather

Hubby and I

My first time playing in the ocean - yes, I am doggy paddling while my hubby belly-surfs a wave to shore haha
Sunday after church we had a game night with friends from our ward and our old ward - always good to see old friends and make new ones! No pictures but I assure you, it was a roaring good time - complete with electronic catch phrase, love that game!

And one last picture for you from last night - we were putting together lawn furniture for my friend and once we turned the glider rightside up, we realized it was either made only for REALLY tall people... or we did it wrong lol. Fortunately I am REALLY tall and was excited about the prospect of a chair at my height, but in the end we put it back together properly, hehe.

I'm 5'11 - gotta love those hightop gliders for us tall people haha... wow, we are seriously furniture building geniuses :)
And that my friends is why I have not gotten any crafting done for the past week... forgiven? I hope so :) 

***I almost forgot! An amazing thing happened yesterday that will probably never happen again in this state in my lifetime:
We had an earthquake in Delaware!
FOR REAL! It started down in Virginia and was reported to have been felt all the way up in NYC and even as far up as Toronto, Canada! It was a 5.8 and things got shaken up a bit down in VA and DC but fortuntaly no causalties have been reported and things did not get damaged much up by us. Definitely a very weird experience that I never expected to have here on the east coast... kind of cool tho! And now we are expecting a hurricane to hit us this weekend which will hopefully only bring heavy rain since we are farther up the coast.
Armageddon? I hope not! :)


Impera_Magna said...

Felt the earthquake here in NC too... add Irene headed our way and next, we'll be getting attacked by zombies!


kristastitched said...

We had a hurricane here in MO monday morning! Or at least it felt that way, trees are down all over the place, semi trucks got blown over on the highway, i still haven't recovered all my potted plants, lol. It was crazy! End of the world is near!

Debbie said...

Sounds like you are having a fantastic summer! Weird about the earthquake! Glad everyone's ok!
Your little quilt is darling - progress is progress!! :-)

Toni said...

Hey, at least you got something done! Sounds like a successful week to me! Sometimes you just need to go to the beach and play games instead of sew. That glider assembly looks exactly like something I would do.

Brigitte Heitland said...

Tiffany you won, congratulations and let me say I felt so honored by the lovely lines you said about my work! Thank you!

Emily said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun at the beach. The same day you had your earthquake, we had one here in Colorado...which is really rare, too.

Tiffany said...

I'm telling you Emily... Armageddon! :)

Millie Motts said...

The glider photo is DEFINITELY making it into my photo album for the year. (And so is the beach pic, for that matter.) Good times with good friends!