September 20, 2011

Swap addiction!

My name is Tiffany Fischer and I am addicted to Flikr Swaps. Everyone who is addicted please raise your hand. If you are not raising your hand you are either missing out on something awesome, or you are a liar :) Seriously tho... no more swaps for me! I have a few I want to sign up for SO BAD, including the Pretty Little Pouch swap that starts tomorrow, but I just have to say NO! I am going to finish the Pillow Talk Swap, sign up for the next round of my bee, and that will be it until at least November. I have too much to do and too little time. *Sigh* Its a hard life I lead lol.

But, speaking of swaps.... my for the love of solids package arrived on Friday!!! I was so excited that I called my husband and made him check for me once he got home from work. It was not there yet but I told him if it did happen to arrive, please take pictures and text me. About an hour later I got a few texts and was all the more impatient to get home! I'm sure you can see why - this was the awesome swap swag waiting for me when I walked in the door!!!!:

FTLOS - Sweet Swag I received

Isn't my partner fantastic?! The pillow cover is fabulous - she copied a quilt pattern that I had put in my collage that I've been drooling over for a while. So nice having a mini replica of it on my couch! The back is lovely too and I love the idea of a zipper in the middle like that! It was SO much easier getting the pillow in than with an envelope back.

The hoop was such a great surprise too - her embroidery skills are fantastic! Its hanging up in my sewing room now, making me smile everytime I see it. And my little notions are just waiting for the perfect project to be used. You can bet that guttermann thread will only be used for quilting, not piecing, its so yummy I can hardly wait!! Thanks so much awesome partner!!! :)

As soon as I was sending my partner a flikr message to thank them, I got one from my partner too! She received her package on Friday afternoon as well and loved it. I'm so glad! It was one of my favorites and hard to give away but it seemed to fit her likes and taste so much, I was hoping she would love it too.

So that is the end of the FTLOS swap and I will not be signing up for round 2 unless it happens to start in Nov./Dec. and even then its iffy.

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Pillow Talk Swap however and that is in full swing now. Its so fun seeing all of the projects everyone is making! Here is what I put together for my partner this weekend:

PTSwap For my partner

I can't say I am in general a Loulouthi fan but I do like it in small doses as above. Someone had made similar Bee blocks to these above so I played with the sizing and center a bit to design a pillow cover out of it. Love this block, its one of my new favorites. I also made a Sherbet Pips practice block first to figure out the sizing - it may get a border and be made into a snuggly pillow I think :) - will add some pictures soon.

I was feeling a bit guilty for playing so much with these diamond blocks on Sunday so I forced myself to work on a charity quilt afterward. I got everything put together and quilted 75% of it last night so now I'm not feeling so bad :) Will show pictures once I finish it up tonight after work. Will do the binding this week and then I have 4 weeks to finish 2 more - woo hoo!

That is all for my show-and-tell WIPS from the weekend.

Here are a few random things on my to-do list - we will not even talk about all the WIPs I have waiting on me after these charity quilts get finished, yikes!

1. Baby blanket for my sister-in-law - already have a good pattern picked out and some great fabric. Will post pictures once it has been made and sent just in case anyone in the family sees this!

2. Argyle quilt for my hubby - I feel guilty for doing swaps and putting his blanket aside so that is another reason I will force myself to say NO to Flikr and YES to finishing WIPS haha.

3. Christmas throw blanket for me & hubby - I've been wanting one since I started quilting July 2010 and it just has not happened yet. I refuse to let 2 Christmases pass me by without a Christmas quilt to snuggle!

4. Finish at least 1 of my personal WIPS - I have so many lovely quilt tops and my favorite one is even based and ready to go! I have not as of yet finished a quilt for myself because I do so many projects for other people and I must must must have one of my own quilts to snuggle this year - hands down, must do!

And other than those 4 there are the random christmas presents for family and friends I am plotting... we'll see how far I get on that list :)

How about you? What are you dying to make? Do you have a manageble to-do list for the rest of the year? 102 days to go according to my office calander - yikes!

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Debbie said...

oh my goodness, you got an awesome swap! I so admired it on flickr. LOVE that stitchery! Mine arrived yesterday too - I'm really pleased with it. What a fun swap.

Oh - the thing I really want to work on is my Terrain Swooon quilt. Fabric chosen, but need to finish up a couple of other things first....

Carla said...

What a great pillow cover! And the embroidery is awesome! Boy you are very busy.

Melissa @ Sew BitterSweet Designs said...

I love swaps too! I just have a hard time fitting them in with all my other obligations! I wish there were more hours in the day!!!

Toni said...

Wow, I love what you received in the swap! Looks like you are going to have a pretty lucky partner in the Pillow Swap, too. That thing is awesome! I wouldn't say my list is manageable as I have a crazy list of ideas of things to make, but I'm pretty realistic and know that not much of it will get done. That way, when I do actually get a project finished, I am twice as excited. Can't wait to see more of your finishes!

Megan said...

JACKPOT!!!! :) Love your swappy package--it's beautiful! Thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!