September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

I was a good little sewer last night and got a few projects worked on and did not get distracted by starting any new ones - go me! haha
1. Charity quilt #2 is now quilted and just needs binding. I have scaled back to just 4 quilts total so I only have 2 more to go, woo hoo! Those tops are ready and waiting which is a relief because I only have 4.5 more weeks to complete these quilts - yikes! :)

Owl and school theme on the front

Puppies and school buses on the back - love this fabric!

2. After I finished quilting the above project, I decided to start working on my Pillow Talk Swap pillow. It will be made up of 4 - 11inch blocks and 2 are now completed:

2 top blocks completed - except for the inside triangles for the center of the pillow

Full layout of the pillow - not sewn together

3. This was my practice block to figure out the sizing for the above pillow. It is a bit bigger than the above blocks, around 13 inches, so I think I will add a few fun borders and make it into a pillow for myself.

I think it will be a lovely pillow to go with my Sherbet Pips quilt that I started FOREVER ago and only have a few of these blocks completed for so far:

Sherbet pips WIP from June... one day my dear, one day you will get worked on :)

4. Do you remember the Rainbow Charms swap I participated in a few months ago? Yea... I barely do too because I participate in so many things and have so many projects going on all the time, haha. Anyway, before my grand Alaska adventure I started working on these fun coin strips using the charms I received in that swap, with a few substitutions. Here is what I have come up with so far:

Loving these coin rows, just not sure what I want to do with them! There are 4 of each set - enough for a baby blanket but I'd rather keep these for a personal project so I just don't know. I could make a throw blanket out of them with A LOT of solid surrounding them but I'm not sure how much I will love that either. So.... I guess I will just wait and see when inspiration strikes. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Each row is 5 inches wide and about 8.5 inches long I believe? 24 of these lovelies... what to do, what to do :)

5. And last but not least - something that I've been meaning to share but keep forgetting:
About a month or so ago I won some fabric in a blog giveaway! Super exciting to get free fabric but also exciting because its from Zen Chic and made by an awesome german designer whose modern quilting patterns I just love! Not sure what I will do with these lovelies when I have spare time (haha) to do some plotting:

And that my friends is all for today's WIP report. Now go and sew!

(Sadly there is no WIP Wednesday link up this week at Freshly Pieced because that dear woman is busy busy busy!)


Lyanna said...

Wow, you go girl. I worked on some fabric boxes for my pattern storage this morning. Even though I have 2 quilts pinned and ready to quilt, I can't bring myself to start on them yet... it just feels too daunting. And, I am really on a 'go through and organize' kick (imagine that?!).

Love the rainbow lovies! I want to do a rainbow something, and a coin quilt would rock. I really like the square/triangle combo too though... choices choices.

Melinda said...

Love your donation quilts. and the rainbow coins are so cute! Got my brain wandering, what could you do with them? Hmmm...!

Sequana said...

Omg....I LOVE Zen Chic - both fabrics and patterns. I'm waiting anxiously for that fabric to show up in some stores in yardage.

What I am doing with my fat eights is one of her patterns with "Bricks" in the title. It uses a brick colored solid with those prints.

Debbie said...

oh my you have alot going on & it's all lovely! I especially love your pips, as well as what you're doing for for pillows!

Toni said...

Looks like a lot of progress! I don't think I've seen it before, but I love the blocks you are making for your Pips quilt! Very cool!