December 8, 2011

WIP Update & Exciting News!!!

The news I've been waiting to share... and then forgot to share last week haha - my Accuquilt Go! Baby cutter FINALLY arrived in the mail!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!

These are just stock pictures from Accquilt because I was too excited to take time for pictures haha :) It did not come with the pink tote but I believe that will my Christmas present from my mom - yay!

I won this cutter from Megan's blog and it came with my choice of 3 cutting dies and a surprise of 3 cutting mats as well which I was not expecting! I hear that the cutting mats wear out quickly so I am happy to have the extras.

Here are the 3 dies I received:

I was really excited to give the Drunkard's Path a try so that is what I tested out first - here is the resulting block which I LOVE:

First Drunkard's Path Block

If you have ever tried scissor or rotary cutting small curves, you would appreciate the ease of cutting these pieces with the Go! Baby. Unfortunately the machine won't sew it for me tho haha, that was a bit of a learning experience but I think it turned out well and I would definitely make more in the future. Not sure what I will do with this one... maybe make 3 more coordinating ones for a pillow top, we shall see!

I have not had any time to play with it other than this one block so I am really looking forward to some quality Go! cutting time once we get back from vacation on New Year's Day. Will keep you posted on how the cutter holds up but for right now I am overjoyed with it and soooooooooo happy that I won it from the lovely Megan!

Another quick WIP share for you - my Saavy Season's Swap item is complete and on its way to its new home:

Saavy Season's Swap

I think the pillow and matching hot pads turned out nicely - wish I could keep them for myself! My partner said she liked red/aqua/white and zig zags so I figured this would be great for her. I hope she likes it... we shall see by this weekend or Monday at the latest I suppose! Can't wait to see what I will receive in this swap. I requested a pillow and there are some AWESOME ones out there and many more things still being made so we shall see. The deadline was originally set for tomorrow but they extended it to next Wednesday so I am hoping I will still receive mine before vacation.

Happy Holiday Sewing everyone!


Carla said...

Lucky ducky on your win! Love the fabrics you used for the pillow cover and hot pads.

Debbie said...

Lucky for you - congrats. Sounds like the GO is something you will really enjoy!

**nicke... said...

love the hot pads and the pillow tiffany. super cute, i bet your partner is going to LOVE them. jealous of your go cutter! congrats on the win.

Bree said...

Wahoo! It's about time! Great job sewing the curves, it looks perfect.