May 7, 2012

A few projects to share

I've been really bad about taking pictures lately but this weekend I finally remedied that and have a few things to share.

#1 is Chuckles the Aardvark - made into a pillow
Who wouldn't want a rabid aardvark chewing on your face at night? :)
He is super soft - I love this pillow!

Chuckles - the pillow

#2 is my Moda - Botany log cabin quilt. I started this in 2010 - it was my first jelly roll! I made 55 out of 80 blocks and then it got put into a container and ignored for almost 2 years - poor thing. I really like the way it looks turned on point, maybe I'll be motivated enough to finish it this year!

Botany log cabin quilt

#3 is my Moda - Hometown Plus Pillow - I'm not in love with it but I enjoyed working with this block pattern. I wouldn't use 2.5 inch squares again because it is WAY too small but it was a good learing experience. I guess I'll finish it at some point and make it into a pillow but not sure what I'll do with it at that point. We shall see.

Moda Hometown Plus Pillow

#4 - last but not least, my Mendocino collection! I FINALLY cut into it and o buddy was that difficult! You see here a pile of triangles cut from 28 of the 38 Mendocino prints in existence. I have a few more to cut and a few more either on their way to me or pending swaps. I might not be able to use the complete collection but it is going to be awesome either way :)

Mendocino - I finally cut it!

That is all for now - working on the binding for my queen sized bed quilt I got back from the quilter last month. Once that finally gets done I will show some pictures - it turned out GREAT - Michelle is awesome :)

Have a lovely Monday!!


Cherie said...

Some great looking projects there. I'll be looking our for the progress posts =D

Craft Couture by T.C. said...

The pillow is too cute...and all your blocks are very pretty...I am looking forward to see your finished quilt. :)

**nicke... said...

i can't wait to see your medicino finished! it is going to be soo beautiful! xo henry still loves his aardvark! we named him artie!