May 12, 2012

My Precious QAL & a Mother's Day Present

It is the end of the first month of the "My Precious QAL" on flikr. I finally cut into some of my very precious Heather Ross fabric to start a few projects but I wanted to share one that I was able to complete. This is a Mother's Day present for my mom - who absolutely loves cats. I love this HR print with the cats and their names on it and it worked so well for these polaroid blocks. I gave it to her today when we spent some time together and she seemed to like it - which is good because I wanted to keep it myself haha - and I don't even like cats all that much!

HR Kitten Polaroids

It is definitely more my style than hers, but I wanted to share my quirky style with her since she is a lot more traditional, and I think it went over well.

So - there you have it - my first finished project using any of my Heather Ross fabric! It was hard to cut up, espec. since I have such small pieces of this but I did it and survived to sew another day lol.

Stay tuned... there will be more "precious" fabric being cut up from my stash in the next few months - for this QAL and just because I need to finally do it and enjoy it more than just letting it sit on my shelf!

Happy Saturday!


Cherie said...

The pillow looks great! Loving the block idea =D

twelfthzodiac said...

Very cute! I LOVE those cats (okay, all

Marika said...

Yay !!
I'm sure it's kind of relieving to finally cut into those fabric that you are hoarding..
I'm glad she liked it, it's a very cute pillow (and I love cats..)

Katy Cameron said...

Love the dotty surrounding, really sets it all off

**nicke... said...

very very cute! i bet she loved it!