May 4, 2012

Mendocino - a quest and an obsession!

I will full-out admit that I am obsessed with Heather Ross' Mendocino collection. I should never have gotten started but I did and now I just can't stop, especially when I am SO CLOSE to having them all! lol

Here is a picture of the full collection:

If I counted correctly, there are 38 prints. I have a swap pending for 3 and am only missing 3 otherwise. That means I already own 32 of these prints - yahooooooooooo!

Here are the 3 I am missing still - looking to swap if anyone has a F8 or FQ - I do have a few extra F8s or FQs of other Mendocino prints to swap just for these:

A little background if you don't know about this line. It was printed in 2008 I believe and finding it in 2011/2012 has been very difficult and VERY expensive. It was originally around $9 a yard - normal retail price for designer fabrics - but I didn't start sewing until 2010 and when I saw it then I liked it but I didn't know anything about fabric prices and thought that 15-25$ a yard was just WAY too expensive.
Wow, I wish I would have started collecting it then because those yard prices are now FQ prices!! Some people are selling the fabric for $10-15 a fat quarter - no joke - $60 a yard and sometimes even more! I was able to find a lot of REALLY awesome swap partners for over 1/2 of this collection but there were some shameful purchases at ridiculous prices for a few of the prints.

Is it worth all of the money I've spent on it (swaps and outright purchases combined)? Probably not - it is just fabric afterall and what quilting fabric is really "worth" $15 a FQ?! HOWEVER it is absolutely one of my favorite lines and I love all the colors together and I will absolutely adore the quilt and whatever else I make out of this line so even if the financial worth is not there - it will still be worth a lot more to me in the end :) We quilters spend so much on getting things quilted, giving away items to family, friends, charities, etc tho so I guess a splurge just for myself can be justified in the grand scheme of things... maybe just a tiny bit.... ;-)


Lindsay said...

i know what you mean about getting the whole fabric collection. i recently bought FQs of Joel Dewberry Heirloom. i HAD to have it, and it WAS my birthday, so.... i'm also in love with sweetwater designs. i so regret not buying their sunkissed collection. i now can't find it ANYWHERE! :(

twelfthzodiac said...

I have a chunk of Presentation in's 13 x 14.5. If you don't find a full FQ, I'd be willing to part with it. I also have a couple other smaller pieces, if you know what pattern you're using & the 13x14 isn't enough...could work out! Let me know :)

Sew Lovins said...

I am in total agreement...I am OBSeSSED with this line...I am wishing for a reprint. Anywhoodle I have a FQ of the brown mermaids and am willing to swap for some Underwater Sisters (not the yellow or gold) Lemme know!

tink's mom said...

well your last paragraph really put the whole thing is perspective. When all is said and done you are worth it. It will be wonderful.

**nicke... said...

here here! xoxo i wish i had some of the prints you are missing! i would just give it to you! worthy cause and all! :)

Banananony said...

I know I've come to this page very very late - but I'm here on my own quest for Mendocino! Do you happen to secretly have anything left of the Presentation mermaids on Gold? I need three full pairs of mermaids to complete a project - I'm a fairly desperate woman!

I do have some aqua and blush presentation and swim sister mermaids I can swap if you prefer a swap :)

Thanks for your help - you can email me on if you do have some!

Thanks again,