June 5, 2012

Alive and finally some projects to show!

Yeesh - between work and school and playing outside in the little free time I have, I haven't been getting ANY sewing done!

Finally sat down this weekend and finished my May swap items - here are some project pics for your viewing pleasure:

1. Modern She Made Swap - (sorry for the cruddy picture, I had to get it in the mail since I was already a couple of days late so I grabbed the Ipad and snapped a quick pic.)
This project was way outside my comfort zone since I had to figure out the piecing from a picture and the quilting is geometric with some free motion - neither of which I am used to. Im happy with the experiment over all tho and hopefully my partner is too!

2. May Bee Blocks for Bee a Modern Swapper - I'm a few days late on these too but they will go out on Monday so again, sorry beemate! Life takes over sometimes...
She requested a mix of Yellow, Aqua, Grey, Brown and Navy - but we didn't have to include all of those colors in each block. She also requested that a triangle be in the block somewhere. I tried to be a little different/funky in my piecing and fabric choices and I like the way they turned out.

May Bee Blocks Honeycomb 6

3. This block is for my Orange/Aqua/Grey quilt which will include swapped bee blocks as well as some of my own to make it big enough. Finally swapped out the light greys for darker ones and I like it way better than my first attempt.

Finally done!

My current translation class is a beast so if I fall off the face of the earth again, never fear, I'll be back eventually! When I do have a little free time the great outdoors are calling my name louder than my sewing machine and I think it is smart to listen :)

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Cherie said...

Love the mini so cute! Loving the blocks! Such great colour combos..you know you want to send some my way (I won't mind if you're late) =D

I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to stop by and enter (if you haven't already) =D