June 4, 2012

Splitting up siblings... aka fabric lines... do you do it?

I have a major problem with splitting up fabric lines - aka siblings! They are a family - you can't just rip them apart!! lol Apparently I have some issues ;-)

ANYWAY.... do you tend to buy and sew in fabric lines or do you try to mix and match? I have friends who take awesome fabrics in certain colorways from several lines and combine them to make fantastic projects. I try this... but then my thought is always "but if I use that print, my set won't be complete anymore!" For certain lines I really do want a full set, my lizzy house and heather ross favorites to name a few, but honestly most of the others could be split up... by normal people... who don't have hoarding tendencies lol. Any tips on how to get over this hump and just rip those little fabric families apart? Seriously... I need some help, this collection hoarding has to stop :)


Marika said...

I have absolutely no problem splitting line because I never buy a whole line anyway. I only buy the prints that I love (usually the most basics one/the one that only have one color).

Is you stash organized by color or fabric line ? Try organizing it by color only and splitting those line ?

But I still get you. If/when I buy some Brr! I'll probably keep it together until I use it (all together).

I wish I was living closer, I'd come and help you !

Cherie said...

I tend not to buy whole fabric lines as a lot of the time I don't actually like all the prints/colours.

I buy the ones I do like, so the fabric line is immediately split up in the buying process.

I tend to get fabrics that coordinate with the ones I do buy so it doesn't look like it's on its own.

There are some prints I have hoarded and wont use for a while.
Any fabric I buy I cut off a 5" strip for charms, unless I plan to swap it out =D

stephmabry said...

If I buy whole lines it's usually in charm packs, and I tend to work with those all in one project. Other than those, though, I pick and choose which prints I'm buying. I like the challenge of finding things that match on my own! :)

Jess said...

I typically just buy the ones I like, not the whole line. Just pick and choose what really strikes me. That being said, I have a pretty small stash at the moment, so it really is only made up of three or four lines with a few other here and theres thrown in. I sort them by color though, and looking at them that way does really make you look at them differently.

Diane Bohn said...

I think we should be siblings. Lol. I am the exact same way. I have bought quite a few fq bundles of complete lines. I can't separate them. The rest of my stash is sorted by color, but my families are together. I think once I start making the projects I want to with them as a collection it will be easier to break them apart. We'll see. :)

Bree said...

I split up lines more than I keep them together, but I rarely (if ever) buy an entire line. For a quilt, it makes sense to keep a line together!