January 20, 2011

Babies everywhere! Ahhhhhhhhh - and a blanket :)

Has anyone else noticed that everyone seems to either be pregnant or having babies? I have so many friends who are "newly announced" pregnant, pregnant, or just gave birth ... weird! Its like the plague... but longer lasting haha.

Instead of jumping on the bandwagon (no thanks!!) I decided to participate only as far as making a blanket for my best friend from 6th grade on who just had a baby girl last week.

The pinwheels were made with Moda's Love U line which I absolutely adore.

I stuck to the good ol' stitch in the ditch method which i think makes a cute grid on the back.
Fortunately I stumbled onto the technique of using 1 color of thread on the front (white) and 1 color of thread the back (pink) to match... makes me way happier with the end result.

You might notice that this slightly resembles the other HST baby blanket I attempted to make last summer ... this is the new and improved version which was WAY more appropriate for gifting than the last. The first was intended for the same friend and although I realize it will just get puked and crawled on, I still couldn't handle all the mistakes and so I had to make my friend a new one right after the holidays were over.

One day when I get over my baby phobia, my own kid can throw up on the first practice one to its heart's content and won't mind the mistakes I'm sure ;-)


KG said...

I just came across your blog and was wondering if you have a pattern book for these blankets. I am a super beginner, and I really like the pink blanket in this post!

Tiffany said...

Hi! Glad you like my blanket. I usually just see pictures of other people's blankets online and make up my own pattern as I go or put it into excell if I need it layed out more specifically.

This is just a simple pinwheel pattern - if you google it or even check on modabakeshop.com there might be a good pattern on there.

Quickly described:
You just sew a half square triangle of white to a patterned half square triangle piece, and then lay them out so it looks like this and sew them together -simple! :)

KG said...

Thanks so much Tiffany! I will check it out!