January 18, 2011

Backing dilema - help needed! PLEASE!

Do you remember that super fun stripey quilt I was dying to finish for myself - the first quilt project I will actually KEEP?!?!

 ... well, here it is, still waiting for me to finish it :(

While writing this post I think I might have realized what my problem is, other than masses of Christmas and other presents I had on the to-do list.
I dont think I like the back! These 4 colors are used on the front and do match, I promise, and I love them.
 In theory this was a good idea but I think it might just look... well... really stupid :(

What do you think? Color blocks... are they ok on the back? Or should I cut all of these into big strips and alternate them? Or should I have just picked one solid color? Or or or or... any ideas? I have 1 yd of each color and I need all of that for the backing - this beast is THAT Big :).
Or can anyone convince me that this backing will be cute and I should just FINISH IT?! HEEEELLLLPPPPP!! haha

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Granted, I have about -5 quilting knowledge, but I think it will look great with the current backing. I thought that was an awesome idea.