January 17, 2011

Cranky and yet crafty :)

I was having a bad bad weekend - (boys - hide your eyes!) ... menstrual cramps to the max and super sized crankypants, yikes! My poor husband just hid in the living room behind his book - smart man :)

Since I was too uncomfortable and moody to do anything else however, I was able to get a lot of work done on this quilt top. I wanted to show it to the kids as a sample of what they will be earning for the Children's Charity Quilt Project so I had to get it done by noon on Sunday.

It turned out way cuter than I thought at first - I wanted to try out this pattern and happened to have these 2 charm packs lying around without a purpose and ta da!
The kids loved it and are super excited to be earning quilts for charity by reading their scriptures on their own and with their families. It was fun to see them so excited when I showed them "the real thing" yesterday, as apparently the paper quilt they will be using to track their progress didn't get them too motivated ;-)

Question is tho... how should I quilt it? Im 1 level above broke college student (read: recently graduated, first real job, and lots of school loans!) so sending it out to get quilted super cute is NOT an option ... and free motion is on my to-learn list but Im definitely NOT practicing on this haha. Any ideas? Stitch in the ditch is my go-to but more creative options/suggestions are super welcome and desired!

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Millie Motts said...

Yeh, I got nuthin'. But I'm sure I'll like whatever you decide to do! ;)