May 21, 2011

Come sample along with me & Sewn!

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I started reading the Elm Creek Quilter's book series... dorky, I know, but they are so good! :) The first one introduces you to the group as a newbie wants to learn to quilt and her teacher has her do a sampler. I've been wanting to do a sampler quilt ever since! And what do you know, today I stumbled upon the start of a fantastic one!

Leila from Sewn is starting an online sampler where she will walk us through a couple blocks each month, adding to our skills and quilting knowledge as we go. I think this would be fantastic for new and experienced quilters, just to try something fun and different and make a lot of different blocks perhaps we have not all tried yet.

I am here and now committing to this 12 month journey and will be showcasing my blocks, successes, and frustrations (o yes, Im sure there will be some haha) as the project progresses. Anyone with me? C'mon, you can do it!

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