May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Goodies :)

I've been dying to share some of my projects lately but they have all been for presents so I've had to keep a lid on it. Now that Mother's Day is upon us, I can do a little show and tell.

For my Mother-in-law in Germany I made a set of mug rugs:

Front and Back views

This fabric is from Lilac Hill and reminded me of some fabric she picked out when we were in PA last time they visited. I left the present choice up to my husband and although I would have liked to make her more, he insisted this would be a good present. What do I know, I'm just the work horse :)
Silly me tho, I was bugging him 2 weeks ago to mail them out ASAP and once they were on their way to Germany I realized DUH Mother's Day is a week later than I thought! Ugh... o well, she got them a week early, better than being late.

After torturing myself trying to decide what to make, I finally asked my mom what she would like for Mother's Day and she requested a squared zipper bag. Seriously mom, you think that's all you are getting from me? Think again! haha

So here is what I came up with:

Zipper pouch made from Moda's Bliss
A Sprocket Pillow with the last of the Bliss fabric
A squared zipper bag with cat fabric (we do call her the cat lady ;-))
... and then I threw a couple holiday charm packs in the larger bag for her to play with 

Happy Mother's Day :)


Impera_Magna said...

Happy Mothers Day to you!

If I adopt you, will I get fab presents like those on Mothers Day too?


Lyanna said...

Oh, I'd love to be your Mom if I get awesome gifts like that ;)

I really like the sproket pillow and square pouch, couldn't find the tut for the pillow though, would you mind sending it my way? Thanks.

Hoping to cut in my wall today at naptime, ie: NOW! I need to get off the internet and get to work, lol.

Friendship Crossing said...

Oh wow! Love those zippy bags and that cute pillow you made! I've recently made a couple of zippy bags too and am now addicted to making more! LOL
Please come over for a visit sometime!


The Sunflower Patch said...

Love your cute lil bags :) The sprocket pillow is on my to make list, hope to get to it soon!

**nicke... said...

That sprocket pillow! I love it. I have that on my list of things to do!