May 20, 2011

Surprise surprise my dear friends :)

Apparently Christmas comes in May at my house because I FINALLY got a little gift set together for 2 of my best friends, although I had intended them for Christmas... oops! O well, better super late than never right?? ;-)

I made this blanket for my good friend last Fall - the first quilt I ever completed! I liked the colors so much I used some of the scraps for a mug rug and zipper pouch for her:

 I made my 2nd quilt for my other good friend but I didn't have any scraps left over from that for another present. She is a very talented knitter however so I thought this fabric would be funny for her :)

I absolutely love this print - its call "Knitmare on Elm Street". The skeleton was knitting and the book by his chair says "Quick and Easy Knitting Projects" .... apparently they weren't so quick and easy, hehe.

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Lyanna said...

I like. You know, I still have yet to make any pouches or mug rugs. Maybe there's some weird complex with me that I just might finish them too quickly... lol. It seems all my other projects are huge, oh well.

The knitmare fabric is awesome!